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IFLS End of Term Luncheon: Nov 27

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IFLS invites the Osgoode Feminist Community to join us for an End of Term Luncheon on Friday November 27, 12:30-2:30 in Room 2027.   The luncheon is primarily an opportunity for the Osgoode Feminist community to gather, converse and contemplate the end of the semester.  We will be joined by several special guests, including Prof. Susan Boyd (Emeritus-UBC) who will be at Osgoode to serve as mentor for the first ever IFLS Graduate Writing workshop, and both of our current Artists in Residence, Kami Chisholm and Nadine Valcin.  We will also be screening, during the luncheon, a short preview of Kami’s nearly completed documentary, “Pride Denied: Homonationalism and the Future of Queer Politics.”https://altcinema.wordpress.com/films/pride-denied-homonationalism-the-future-of-queer-politics/

Because this is a catered event, please RSVP before November 24. RSVP @http://bit.ly/osresearch
Event Code: BOYD