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Denise Reaume on the ugly trolling of anti-niqab politics, and our Prime Troll

Over at the U of T Faculty Blog, U of T Prof Denise Reaume calls it like it is:

This troll gets his ugly musings published on the front page of every media outlet in the country. This troll’s musings give licence to trollish behaviour in others.  And if we ignore him, this troll will be reelected. When the Prime Minister behaves like the Prime Troll, it is time for all Canadians who believe in decency and civil discourse to stand up and demand an end to this, whatever their views on the niqab.

Source: “Don’t feed the trolls”, they say. What if the Prime Minister is the Prime Troll? | University of Toronto Faculty of Law

As a small example of this trolling, some algorithm decided to stick this “suggested post” into my Facebook feed.

advertisement for the Conservative Party of Canada, "It is offensive that a person would conceal their identity at the very moment that they are committing to join the Canadian family." Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  A picture of Harper.  two large buttons (green/Agree) and (Red/Disagree).  the shoes are cute, but where is the button for “you’re offensive at this very moment, Mr. Prime Minister”? I need that.