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A little roundup (for instance, Bill C-36 has passed the Senate)

1.  The only thing left is for the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act is  Royal Assent.  See the LEGISinfo page on the bill here.   This was always one possible response to the ruling in Bedford.  Here’s Brenda Cossman on the issue in the Globe from last December and here are law profs Hughes, MacDonnell and Pearlston’s piece we posted earlier this year:  The Appeal of Asymmetrical Criminalization.

2. “Patriarchy: it’s quite a system. It works. Whiteness too.” have a look at @SaraNAhmed‘s blog post “White Men” about any number of things about white men as norm.  She’s uses the academy as an example, often.  It’s a good read.  #feministkilljoy bit.ly/1x9ym2v

3.  Best article yet on what us all learning about Ghomeshi means. Nothing or nothing good – either we learned nothing at all, or we’re claiming that all the things we have seen happen in the past, all the women harmed, all the dead women, weren’t enough to catch our attention.  Denise Balkissoon says it better, stronger: @balkissoon m.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/s…

4. I’m waiting on the written reasons in the Lori Douglas case (still, forever, interminably) before a (new) CJC panel.  The latest in this increasingly (i know, you would never think that it could actually get worse, but I assure you, it’s getting worse) bananas saga.  Who would like to write about this, please? I’ve got my concerns about the case, but the fact that the CJC committee is going to look at the photos…. I will post or tweet when the reasons come out.

5. Street Harassment:  What’s better than a viral video about a white woman walking around New York illustrating just how much street harassment she’s facing?  The fact that all the white men were edited out?  I had some moments on twitter about this one.  I think I leaned towards educative function of academics on twitter but you may disagree.

like most others – not a new problem. Deirdre Davis, 1993 article on street harassment of black women is a *key crit race feminism piece.

look, you can learn more this Friday in Toronto about this history – Coolie Woman!

Lawrence reviews Sara Ahmed's On Being Included on Jotwell

I reviewed Sara Ahmed’s On Being Included on Jotwell, here: bit.ly/1cdXfyg

After reading Presumed Incompetent: The Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia1 and attending the Symposium organized around the book by the Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law and Justice, I came home to find Sara Ahmed’s On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life waiting in my mailbox (this Jot is about On Being Included, although I’m quite prepared to say that I like Presumed Incompetent (lots) as well). The combination of these two books, both filled with personal stories and institutional insight, cracked my vision of my own place in the legal academy, and the “practice” of diversity, wide open. I read this work as a person who shares a (not surprising, really) number of experiences-as-academic with Ahmed. I read it just after reading the often deeply personal essays in Presumed Incompetent. I also read it as a person who has worked to avoid being noticed as “the problem” while trying to maintain a commitment to anti-racist work. These days, that means deep concern that my own strategies and efforts are nothing more than thinly veneered cooptation. All of these things, I think, amplified the impact of the book on me. But I still do not hesitate to recommend it to you, Jotwell reader

Go and read the full review, if you have a few minutes.

If you aren’t following Jotwell: Equality (and the other sections too), maybe consider it? A good way to have other people curate some of the flood of publications.  Also, that picture of me on jotwell – more than 10 years old, so, yes. Especially in light of the fact that I can update social media 10x a day, I can probably manage a new photo.

Welcome to summer, if you’re in my hemisphere.