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In an effort to cultivate the feminist (and feminist-curious) student community at Osgoode, and to use the comfy couches in the IFLS space, we will be starting a couple of exciting new initiatives for students this year:

Shut Up and Write! – 2nd  Wednesday of the month @ 12:30-2:30

Shut Up and Write! began as a writers’ meet-up group in San Francisco. The idea is to fight off the two great student foes—isolation and procrastination—by meeting up to focus on writing together. PhD student Terrine Friday got this started at Osgoode last year and we want to keep it alive! So get out of your carrel/library/head and come work through those writing blocks in a supportive environment!

Each Shut up and Write! session includes:

  • 10 minutes for introductions and chat
  • 2-3 rounds of writing Pomodoros (each Pomodoro includes 25 minutes of intensive writing plus a 5 minute break)
  • Time to discuss your work and get feedback from fellow students

We start on Sept 9, and there will be snacks!

pic of notebook and laptop


IFLS Socials – 4th Wednesday of the month @ 12:30-2

A chance to discuss feminist issues, develop new initiatives, get to know fellow students, and just hang out. Bring your lunch.

We will begin on October 7  with a special “Meet and Greet” event.(Not the 4th Wednesday of the month, I know. We had to reschedule…)   IFLS Director Prof Ruth Buchanan and Graduate Student Coordinator Dana Phillips (that’s me) will be there to welcome you to the IFLS space and community. Finger foods will be served.

Here is the fall schedule:

Sept 9, 12:30-2:30 — Shut up and Write!

Oct 7, 12:30-2 — IFLS Social: Meet and Greet

Oct 14, 12:30-2:30 — Shut up and Write!

Oct 28, 12:30-2 – IFLS Social – CANCELLED

Nov 11, 12:30-2:30 – Shut up and Write!

Nov 27, 12:30-2 – IFLS Social: lunch with Prof Susan Boyd

Shut Up and Write! and IFLS Socials will take place in the IFLS/Nathanson Centre Common Space in Rm 3067.  All JD and graduate students are welcome. 

pic of IFLS/Nathanson common space in Room 3067
IFLS/Nathanson common space in Room 3067

Students who would like to use this space for meetings etc. on other Wednesdays @12:30 (when there are no planned events) are welcome to do so provided that they give advance notice via email to Lielle Gonslaves.

We start on September 9 with our first Shut Up and Write! Hope to see you there!






Co-Directors: Ruth Buchanan at the IFLS

Photograph of professor ruth buchananSo happy to announce that Osgoode professor Ruth Buchanan will join me and we will be co-directing the IFLS over the coming year. You can read more about Ruth’s work here, and you can find her on twitter as @ruthinguelph. She is a scholar of law and development, law and inequality, critical legal theory,  and law and film, and her publications cover a wide range of topics. Recently she has been the director of the Osgoode Graduate Programme, and running Osgoode’s Law.Arts.Culture speaker series.

Over the next year (my sabbatical year), Ruth will be dealing with more of the IFLS events and speakers, whereas I will be looking more at the (sadly neglected I know) web presence and the possibility of affiliations and institutional relations for the IFLS.

We’ve also hired a graduate student, more on that shortly, to support this work (in particular Ruth’s interest in finding ways that the IFLS can engage more with graduate students, and keeping up the blog).

Ruth and I are excited about the possibilities of co-directorship and deepening/widening the IFLS’s connections to the feminist legal community over the coming year(s).  Stay in touch with us, let us know about your news. Emails here.