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New in Print: Lessard Reviews Sheppard (Inclusive Equality) in the OHLJ

U Vic’s Hester Lessard reviews Colleen Sheppard‘s Inclusive Equality(2010), in the OHLJ.

Sheppard both identifi es and clarifi es valuable achievements in this area of Canadian law. In particular, she highlights an emphatically relational, socially-embedded understanding of inequality and a conceptual vocabulary—including the notions of adverse effects and systemic discrimination—to aid us in addressing specifi c inequalities.


cover of Colleen Sheppard's

Vacation and Collection/Reflection on the blog's first year…

I’m having a vacation. Now. In Portugal. Here’s hoping that many of you are or will be having vacations too. Apparently, they are great.

I’m not planning on doing posting from Portugal – I scheduled any posts that show up between June 29 and July 12.   However, it’s also the 1 year anniversary of this site or fairly close and that means I have to reflect on whether it’s an experiment that should continue and/or what to do differently going forward.  I need to think about what audience the blog is reaching (it’s a small niche, but are we filling it, are we finding the people in it?), what readers like and don’t like, what readers would like to see more of, and mostly, how to make the community of readers real participants in the blog itself.  As always, this could just mean encouraging you to email me things for posting, but this is my possibly annual attempt to harvest your ideas for a space that is meaningless without you.
I know there is survey saturation out there, and I’m more than happy to receive a direct email from any reader about the kinds of things I have to think about – or, do the survey below. Nine little questions. Very easy. For every moment that you’ve thought – “she should….” or “why didn’t she….” or “that was a bad idea….” whilst reading the blog, just give me your 2 cents worth.  Let me know if/how I can make this blog better.

I promise a. to read every response & b. not to post another survey for at least 12 months (not counting silly polls that are for fun and have <3 questions)