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IFLS Speakers Series: Dr. Yofi Tirosh (Tel Aviv) Who Cooked the Current Middle East Crisis (and Who is Going to do the Dishes)?

Monday October 6  230-4 IKB (Osgoode Hall) Rm 2027Oct6YofiTirosh

Who Cooked the Current Middle East Crisis (and Who is Going to do the Dishes)? A Human Rights Perspective

Dr. Yofi Tirosh (Tel Aviv Law)                                                   

This talk, followed by a Q & A session, will provide a scholarly and a personal take on the current geo-political crisis in the Middle East. As a law professor, a human rights activist, and a regular media contributor of legal interpretation, Dr. Tirosh will point to the covert relationship between the status of women and minorities in Israel, Palestine, and Gaza, and the unprecedented military and symbolic violence of summer of 2014. The presentation will use satirical video clips, TV commercials, as well as Supreme Court rulings from Israel to throw some light on the bitter conflicts over (breast-)milk and honey.

Poster for sharing/printing here

Dr. Tirosh is a Senior Lecturer at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law and a 2014-16 Senior Fellow at Hebrew University’s Martin Buber Society of Fellows. Tirosh teaches labor and employment law, antidiscrimination law, food law, body and law, and feminist jurisprudence. Her research interests include affirmative action, bioethics, law and culture. The working title of her book in progress is Feminist Libertarianism.  Dr. Tirosh is a graduate of The University of Michigan Law School, were she was a graduate fellow at Michigan’s Institute for the Humanities. She served as a Visiting Professor at Georgetown Law Centre in fall 2012, and as a Hauser Fellow at NYU Law School in 2008. Alongside research and teaching, Tirosh gives workshops on writing blocks, women in academia, and job talks. As a human rights activist, she is the leading public voice in the efforts to stop the growing sex segregation in public and private spaces in Israel. She is a regular contributor of legal interpretation to leading media venues in Israel.

Light refreshments will be provided

Questions? Please contact the IFLS administrator, Lielle Gonsalves LGonsalves@osgoode.yorku.caOct6YofiTirosh


Panels, Workshops, l'Université féministe d'été

It was a great privilege to see Sherene Razack speak today at an event organized by students at York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies. Time to thank the people -faculty, students and staff, who roll up their sleeves and make these things happen.

Here is another set of things you may wish you could be at:


Radical Formations: Sex, Race, Trans

How do social movements resist and react to new measures for legal equality? This interdisciplinary panel tackles this question via resistance to intersectional state violence, transgender people’s legal consciousness, and race-based critiques of rights.


Sharon Cowan, School of Law, University of Edinburgh

Roderick Ferguson, American Studies Department, University of Minnesota

Dean Spade, Seattle University School of Law

Panel discussion followed by a reception sponsored by IGSF

Organized by Robert Leckey, William Dawson Scholar, Faculty of Law, in collaboration with IGSF, funded by a SSHRC Connection Grant.

via Radical Formations: Sex, Race, Trans.

A bit closer in time and closer to [here – Toronto, that is] this one is this weekend, in Toronto (includes a penal on gendering South Asian Studies)

 Critical Approaches to South Asian Studies Workshop (April 5, 2013)

[website with full program : http://www.yorku.ca/ycar/Events/south_asia.html]
The YCAR South Asian Studies Workshop will offer an intimate forum for exploring research and methodological issues in the study of South Asia and South Asian Diasporas. The workshop, which is being organized by YCAR’s South Asia Research Group (SARG), will be a step towards building a network of scholars, artists and community organizers working on South Asia and South Asian Diasporas at York University and in the GTA.


And this one as well:

Women’s Quests for Rights in the Middle East and North Africa: Contestations, Complexities, Contradictions (April 5-6, 2013)
The Centre for Feminist Research presents panels with leading international scholars and activists. Full programme here.

To register and purchase food tickets, please email cfr@yorku.ca. programme and details available on conference webpage: cfr.info.yorku.ca/wqr

Later this summer at Université Laval, TECHNOLOGIES Libération ou exploitation des femmes?, UNIVERSITÉ FÉMINISTE D’ÉTÉ  (Mai 19-24, 2013). 

Full programme & information here.

Les développements technologiques considérables des dernières décennies influencent profondément les représentations de soi et du monde, les conditions de vie et le changement social. Si personne, aujourd’hui, ne voudrait se priver des avantages qui en découlent, force est de constater que, en matière de technologies, des inégalités particulièrement marquées existent entre les hommes et les femmes ainsi qu’entre différentes régions dans le monde. De plus, l’ampleur, la rapidité et la complexité des transformations qui nous touchent directement et indirectement font en sorte qu’il est difficile de se tenir à jour et de conserver une distance critique. Pour sa 11e édition, l’Université féministe d’été vous convie à Québec, du 19 au 24 mai 2013, pour une semaine intensive et conviviale d’échanges, de ressourcement et de réseautage en compagnie de spécialistes œuvrant dans différents domaines et disciplines.

Feminist Pedagogies; Gender and the "Arab Spring"

Have you read this book: The Reorder of Things: The University and Its Pedagogies of Minority Difference.  Roderick A Ferguson, U Minnesota Press (here)?


I came across this notice via twitter:

On Friday, April 5th, Roderick Ferguson, Professor of American Studies at the University of Minnesota, will speak for the [Columbia] Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality’s Feminist Pedagogy series.  He will be discussing his book The Reorder of Things (click here for the original notice)

First thought – Must get book

Second thought:  Feminist Pedgogy series? Must get one of those!


This week at Yorku, April 5th and 6th, organized by the Centre for Feminist Research, a conference entitled: Women’s Quests for Rights in the Middle East and North Africa: Contestations, Complexities, Contradiction. Draft conference program here.  The CFR, under director Dr. Ena  Dua (who teaches feminist theory, antiracist feminist theory, post-colonial studies, development studies, and globalization, and is a co-editor of Scratching the Surface: Canadian Anti-Racist Feminist Thought) has a FB page here.

H/T to my colleague Hengameh Saberi for the conference link!