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Version 2 of How to Be a Better Chair of an Academic Panel

For those who liked the original “How to be a better Chair of an academic panel” handout, here’s version 2, enriched via crowdsourcing.  New thoughts about keeping time (we’ve got signs for you, download here) some science (“calling on a woman to ask the first question will increase the number of women who ask questions: Carter, Croft, Lukas & Sandstrom, Women’s visibility in academic seminars: women ask fewer questions than men. Available at http://bit.ly/2JQfhiw”) and a gentle reminder that you don’t have to call on people in order, nor do you have to let the first person with their hand up ask the first question.

Get it and share it in DOCX Format   PDF Format

Thanks to all of you who chimed in via twitter and other modes!  And to those of you who wondered why we don’t take on the whole organization of academic conferences, we agree there is space for someone out there to do a “Just have a better CONFERENCE” tipsheet.  We’re looking forward to it.

page 1 of document as photo, available in PDF and DOCX form in this post.

Feminism and Legal Theory Project @ Emory Law: Two Upcoming Workshops

These two workshops, “Vulnerability and the Corporation” and “Aging as a Feminist Concern” both look interesting. They are organized by (Martha Fineman’s) Feminism and Legal Theory Project at Emory Law in Atlanta.

Martha Fineman, Director and Founder of the Feminism and Legal Theory Project

The calls for papers are closed in both cases, and the FLT doesn’t have any current calls for papers, but we’ll keep an eye out.  A bit more Martha Fineman news and workshop details after the jump.

The Feminism and Legal Theory project is an important hub for feminist legal scholars.  They organize very interesting workshops which attract a variety of scholars.  Flourishing visitors program too.

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