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Legal aid cuts in England, student clinics and women’s justice

A conversation with colleagues the other night prompted me to go looking for some of the newspaper stories about legal aid cuts in England & Wales, impact on family law in particular and the use of students to help unrepresented litigants.
Hastily put together, but if you are interested, the links below might help.

Law school as a gendered experience

Law Students, Particularly Women, Have Limited Contact With Faculty, Survey Finds – Students – The Chronicle of Higher Education.  You might also be interested in this post on “speaking up” which uses the  Annual Law School Survey of Student Engagement report as a starting place.  Finally, on fear as a gendered motivator in law school.

Solutions?  Thanks to this post from the Feminist Legal Forum at Manitoba Law for the links!

(from Feminist Law Prof) 1L Stories Revisited

Feminist Law Prof 1L Stories Revisited |Feminist Law Professors.

Prof. Bridget Crawford  previews a recent issue of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law Review on the theme “One L Revisited” – looks like a good read, with Adrienne K. Wing, Scott Turow (!!) and Ian Ayres.

This issue isn’t up on Hein online yet, but if you want to, you can have Hein email you when the UMKC collection is updated (this alert system is currently in beta, but looks interesting).  Try: http://heinonline.org/HOL/Index?index=journals/umkc&collection=journals

Here’s the table of contents:


Introduction: One L: The View in the Mirror by Scott Turow

Two Pink Lines by Melissa N. Anderson

Theodicy by Ian Ayres

The Infinite Alchemy: A First Year Journey in Three Acts Spanning Three Decades by Pamela Bridgewater

Classroom Storytelling by Alafair S. Burke

Last Reunion by Stephen L. Carter

One-L-ow Brick Road by Hala V. Furst

Neurotic, Paranoid Wimps—Nothing Has Changed by Andrew Jay McClurg (get it from SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1622884)

One L in a Different Voice: Becoming a Gay Male Feminist at Harvard Law School by Marc R. Poirier

Contested Meanings: Achievement and Ambition at an Elite Law School by Deborah Waire Post

How You Gonna’ Keep Her Down on the Farm . . . by Lisa R. Pruitt (http://ssrn.com/abstract=1540877)

Take Two by Saira Rao

I ♥ Crits by Cameron Stracher

Tales from the Back Bench by Robert R.M. Verchick

One L Redux by Adrien Katherine Wing