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Roundup of Stories from Twitter (jobs, calls, the new Charter of Values etc) for Non Twitter people: Part I

Higher Education: Smaller/Bigger?lego bird on lego horse, with lasso

‏@OsgoodeIFLS 18 Sep  Queen’s plans to expand law school enrolment http://bit.ly/19cyGjr   a revenue move, not an A2J move. “options” for #public #lawschools

Ryan Dunch ‏@DunchinYEG 16h  Impact of Alberta post-secondary cuts felt across the province http://www.cautbulletin.ca/en_article.asp?ArticleID=3690#.UkDFHpUb-bI.twitter  … #abpse #ableg #highered

Calls for…

RT @PHughesLCO: About the forthcoming Call for Project Proposal: Law Commission of Ontario http://www.lco-cdo.org/en#.UjdZFhOEKTM.twitter  …

Canadian Journal of Women and the Law: call for submissions http://www.slsa.ac.uk/news#CJWL


@UBCLaw is hiring two (2!) tenure track positions. Home of @FemLegalStudies . #law Details: http://www.law.ubc.ca/files/pdf/faculty/jobs/2013/Law_Gen_Fac_Search_2013_FINAL.pdf

work with loads of fab people. home of @feministsatlaw RT @SLSA_UK: Four posts at Kent Law School http://www.slsa.ac.uk/news#Kent

There’s an App for That: new conlaw nerd tool

Thanks to these folks http://comparativeconstitutionsproject.org/   we get this https://www.constituteproject.org   Compare #constitutions. Form & Function seem top notch.

Try searching “Equality regardless of gender”. #nerdgames #comparative #constitutions https://www.constituteproject.org/#/search   h/t @hargreaves_s

but … the #Canadian #Constitution isn’t there! Did they forget to add it to this #toolfordesigninggovernments ? Hmmm. #googleconstitute

Academics Attacked

‏@OsgoodeIFLS 17 Sep @Yorku prof detained in #Egypt along with Dr. / Latest via @justinpodur Tarek and John on hunger strike http://bit.ly/198TTMu You may remember that Prof.  John Greyson was at Osgoode last year for the IFLS/SALSA presentation of his codirected film Rex v. Singh.

@OsgoodeIFLS 16 Sep Men’s Rights Edmntn helps create Calg chapter, releases truly awful on many levels poster campaign. Forza, @lisegot http://bit.ly/1eIXZ4Z

[Silver lining ]Lise Gotell ‏@LiseGot 16 Sep Personal attacks can have positive consequences. I’ve had so many messages of support today. I am humbled! #consent #equality.

Quebec Charter of Values

‏@OsgoodeIFLS 10 Sep  I thought infographic circulating this AM was a joke. Joke’s on me. #whatnottowear #valeursQC @BDrainvillePQ http://www.nosvaleurs.gouv.qc.ca/en/propositions/3  …

Hugo Cyr ‏@ProfCyr 11 Sep U don’t agree with #PQ s #charte des #valeursQc? Good time to reinstate the Charter challenge prog that U slashed Mr #Harper? #cdnpoli #NDP

Really interesting RT @ADodek: Quebec charter pitch exposes deep split within feminist ranks http://m.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/quebec-charter-proposal-proves-divisive-for-provinces-feminists/article14440417/?service=mobile#!/  … #Qcpoli #women #feminism

Visual Religious Symbols & Law Alison Dundes Reteln h/t JF Gaudreault-DesBiens http://bit.ly/18moo3c   perception of threat #charterofvalues

….and Claire L’Heureux-Dubé, surprising a few (but not me)

But not surprising RT @EmmMacfarlane Frmr SCC Justice L’Heureux-Dube supports QC #valuescharter Mighty disappointing http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/09/21/amnesty-international-warns-quebec-values-charter-would-violate-fundamental-rights/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter  …

Now you need a laugh.

RT @GalldinRoberts: Judge to me 2day: the law is like pantyhose that fits nobody. Me: thats why I don’t wear pantyhose your honour #lawyers

Jen Otis-Fensom ‏@JenFensom 10 Sep I 100% disagree with the Charter of Quebec values. I do agree that the 70s-style open collar is a bad look, though.

Department of Life's not Fair: When looks matter (and not necessarily in a good way) [via Slaw]

When looks matter (and not necessarily in a good way) — Slaw

I was intrigued by the above piece in Slaw commenting on a study in Israel which appeared to show that female jealousy resulted in fewer job prospects for attractive women when photos are included with resumes.  The study itself is: Ruffle, Bradley J. (incidentally, a YorkU undergrad, class of 1991) & Shtudiner, Ze’ev, Are Good-Looking People More Employable? (October 2011). Available at SSRN here.

I don’t love the female jealousy hypothesis so I know I’m working to disprove it, but I do have some questions that I think are legitimate and not just argumentative:

1. What does attractive mean?  The study used a panel of raters, but when I think about books like Rhodes’ The Beauty Bias: The Injustice of Appearance in Life and Law (see IFLS review here) I think about how much about beauty/plainness is really (for women!) about grooming – makeup, hairstyling, clothing – things that are alterable at a cost – including, I suppose, the shape of your face.  So, where attractiveness corresponds with “highly groomed”, might there be an element of judgment (“trying too hard”) which is not quite the same as jealousy (is it?).  Also, as soon as we’re looking at grooming, we’re certainly looking at class (consider Ruthann Robson’s awesome To Market, To Market: Considering Class in the Context of Lesbian Legal Theories and Reforms, 5 U.S.C. J.L. & Women’s Stud. 173 (1995) esp 174-8).   The study did  control  for ethnicity (in the Israeli context – interesting to read about what they considered and how) to deal with known discrimination effects.

2. Is it common practice to attach photos to resumes in Israel?  The authors say that it is “optional”.  They also say:

More explicitly, suppose there existed a cultural norm that frowned upon women including a photograph on their CV. A woman who nonetheless chose to embed a picture in her CV would be less likely to receive a callback. However, our telephone survey reveals that no such norm exists. On the contrary, in response to our question about which sex more frequently sends a CV with a self-photograph, 12 companies (48%) answered that women do, while only two companies (8%) indicated that men do.Another 11 companies (44%) responded that the two sexes do so equally often.

(I found this curious, since it does not answer the question of what the cultural norm is but rather solicits and describes a set of claims about practices. These are not quite the same thing.  The results are interesting, but not empirical on the question of what people do – and it may well be that people looking to get hired are unsure of what the expectations are amongst people who do the hiring and are just getting it wrong).  The authors discuss what they call a “negative signalling effect” of including a picture:

Thirty-six percent of the respondents reacted positively to males’ inclusion of a picture, invoking terms such as “presentable” and “con dent”. Only 28% of the respondents expressed negative associations for male photographs. By contrast, negative sentiments were the predominant response (56%) to females CVs with pictures. Not serious” and an attempt to market herself via her appearance” were among the reactions. A mere 12% of respondents expressed a positive association. These fi ndings suggest that we cannot rule out the negative signaling story as a partial explanation for our observed punishment of attractive women.” (22)

One of the study findings was “…, women with no picture have a significantly higher rate of callbacks than attractive or plain-looking women.”  The authors call “negative signalling” a partial explanation.

There was no way to look at the pictures (which were solicited from students) to check on my questions about “grooming”.  Too bad.

Lesson for women? I would assume stay away from pictures, regardless of all other considerations.  But what do you do in a situation where a prospective employer is going to immediately google you and find your picture?  Is that different? The authors’ include a relatively complete solution (which reminds me of the bit in Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink about the hiring of trombonist Abbie Conant when the Munich Philharmonic began using a screen during auditions so that the decision makers could not see who she was – more specifically, that she was a woman):

several European countries have recently begun to experiment with anonymous CVs whereby candidates are forbidden to include their picture, name, age, sex, date and place of birth, nationality and marital status anywhere in their application.

They can’t see you, they can’t google you….  There are a few studies which specifically deal with attractiveness premiums in law.  One I discussed here (questioning how it ignores gender).  Another is Biddle, Je E. and Daniel S. Hamermesh (1998) “Beauty, Productivity, and Discrimination: Lawyers’ Looks and Lucre,” Journal of Labor Economics, 16:1, 172-201. which does talk about gender, and about grooming.



Jobs at University of Kent Law

Lots more information at the links.  Vibrant feminist community at this school makes this an intriguing and attractive opportunity.
H/T Doris Buss via Professor Rosemary Hunter, Acting Head of Kent Law School.  I will happily post other tenure stream job listings or opportunities for grad students,  particularly those with relevance to this blog, but you may have to be patient and/or remind me.  Email me at slawrence atsign osgoode dot yorku dot ca).  UNB is also hiring, see links here.

Two professorial posts


Kent Law School has been granted strategic funding to make two new professorial appointments in order to deepen and extend our existing vibrant research profile, ….develop our postgraduate (including postgraduate research) programmes.

The primary criterion for the posts is research excellence and we invite applications from suitably qualified applicants specialising in any area of law.


and one clinic solicitor/barrister position

The Kent Law Clinic has two objectives – to provide a legal service to local people who need such a service but cannot afford to pay for it, and to enhance the legal education of students in the Kent Law School through enabling them to work on live cases and projects. The focus, in educational terms, is on developing students’ knowledge and understanding of the law, and on the development of their critical faculties. The post will be based at the Canterbury campus, and there are also weekly evening advice sessions at 5 outreach locations (with volunteer lawyers). The role of the Clinic Solicitor/Barrister is to engage in the provision of free legal services to local people, who need such services, and to supervise students in doing so, and to assist students to reflect critically on the law and its operation in practice.


Job Opportunity @ Ryerson ViceProvost Equity Diversity Inclusion

Link to PDF job ad.

A good position for a good person, somewhere….

This newly created position will identify and address systemic barriers and create a visible presence for equity, diversity and inclusion as integral components across all teaching, research and administrative functions of the University. The AVP EDI will be proactive, with a broad mandate for
campus-wide systemic issues; play a central role in education initiatives; expand partnerships within the University and the broader community; and provide expertise, insight, consultation, and assistance to the entire Ryerson community.