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Twitter RoundUp


After Mandela

‏@RobsonConLaw Daily Quote: Obama on Mandela and “Formal Equality” http://bit.ly/J1ixHK 

‏@gilliancalder tweeted this piece from Joanne St. Lewis: Beautiful. @blogforequality http://www.bloggingforequality.ca/2013/12/a-dignified-warrior-for-peace-nelson_8.html … @firing_control

LGBT* Rights around the Globe


Leckey (McGill) reviews Kondakov (http://bit.ly/1iLcbfQ ) Scholarship in a Violent Time http://bit.ly/18fSk3Q  #lgbt #Russia @IReadJotwell




  • good to know govt interested in “legislative route” http://goo.gl/1D6ag5 
  • SC says legislature free to remove/ amend s. 377 IPC. Will any political party take this up? National elections next year!!


That time again….


Get yr exam-time pistachio needs filled in IFLS/Nthnsn suite. 3rd fl. Exit elevator. Turn L. While supplies last! pic.twitter.com/qZl8eWwhfb

Also: a nice place to sit. #morethanjustpistachios pic.twitter.com/ekYHATPkXx

 — Sonia Lawrence (@OsgoodeIFLS) December 9, 2013 

timely! #exams RT @BeckyBatagol: This is great! RT@WellnessForLaw: Healthy Lawyer: Stress Management @msjdtweets http://ms-jd.org/healthy-lawyer-stress-management …

Legal Education in Canada


Critical Resources

Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Other smart folk have done some of the work for you

Women of note


Conferences etc.

Yale Law School ‏@YaleLawSch

The 2013 Doctoral Scholarship Conference will explore the relationship between law and uncertainty. Learn more: http://ylaw.us/1bKsC8u 


December 6

Thank you, Osgoode Feminist Collective for reminding & memorializing. #dec6 #weremember #vaw pic.twitter.com/w452anRoIL