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Prof. Leti Volpp on cultural difference – text, video, audio

Framing Cultural Difference: Immigrant Women and Discourses of Tradition by Leti Volpp
I have been enjoying Volpp’s work for many years now.  She’s at Berkeley and you can see her faculty profile here.  You can see her below, at the 2012 Duke Women’s Studies Sixth Annual Feminist Theory Workshop on “The Indigenous as Alien”

And you can hear her talk about her work on KPFA 94.1 program “Against the Grain”, “about double standards and the perilous politics of culture,” here.

Those strange people’s culture is to blame, we’re told, when wife-battering or other interpersonal violence occurs in the households of immigrants from certain parts of the world. But does culture determine violent or misogynist behavior? And are non-Western cultures in fact regressive, as they’re so often represented to be? Leti Volpp talks about double standards and the perilous politics of culture.