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Reading list / twitter roundup

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1. Inglis v. BC Minister of Public Safety (trial level successful demand for mother/baby in women’s prison to be reinstated on Charter grounds)

2. Homicide verdict from inquest jurors (5 women who performed this service for 8  months) in the death-while-incarcerated of 19 year old Ashley Smith.

3. Bedford.  SCC unanimously strikes down all Canada’s prostitution laws (for non Canadians –  sale of sex for money is legal but almost all the things you need to engage in it – especially safely engage – are not).  Suspended judgement for a year.



A Legal History That’s Really About the Place of Law in History http://jotwell.com/?p=3884 

Introduction: #Feminist #Jurisprudence and the Question of #Home Ann Genovese | feminists@law http://bit.ly/1iLdLOU  +4 more papers

Univ of Toronto Law ‏@UTLaw12 Dec  Prof. Lisa Austin, @mgeist and others write “Our data, our laws” in @nationalpost http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/12/12/our-data-our-laws/ …

A fun read! The fourth wave of feminism: meet the rebel women | World news | The Guardian http://bit.ly/18A8DU1 

[ok not new but!] from 2005 Remembering Favourite Feminist Legal Scholarship by Backhouse, Buss, Cairns Way, Gilbert http://bit.ly/18k8SHZ  #remake?

in @Feministsatlaw Maria Drakopolou (Kent) Revisiting Feminist Jurisprudence: A Rehabilitation http://bit.ly/1gOjPll 

“rape” law: Rubenfeld’s deception thesis taken on: ‏@YaleLJournal Jed Rubenfeld responds to comments on his article from four scholars including Gowri Ramachandran (SWestern) in the YLJ Delineating the Heinous: Rape, Sex, and Self-Possession http://bit.ly/1iLcFmo  (find the others here http://www.thepocketpart.org/.  Rubenfeld then reiterates that sex-by-deception remains a problem for rape law: http://www.yalelawjournal.com/criminal-law-and-sentencing/1225-rape-by-deceptiona-response …

Higher Education: Look around – not a pretty sight

UK (if you are not following recent happenings in the UK, you should)

#highered in UK – Cdns, have a look at #fairpayinHE #occupysh [+context @guardiannews http://www.theguardian.com/higher-education-network/2013/dec/03/university-strike-3-december-pay … ) & ask: how long do we have?

Brenna Bhandar on “A Right to the University” on LRB blog http://bit.ly/18A2yXL  #injunctions #protest #HigherEd #UK (for now)



Bright Spot! Quebec


Need some good news? BC Court rules closure of mother/baby program unconstitutional

After last week’s decisions cutting back LGBT rights in India(criminal law) and Australia (same sex marriage), here’s a court decision of another stripe (different topic, though).

Here is Madam Justice Carol Ross’s decision in Inglis v. British Columbia (Minister of Public Safety), 2013 BCSC 2309

It is LONG. I have not read it – but you might need it right now. h/t Debra Parkes via Lisa Kerr