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Good ideas: Workshop – Making Sense of Abortion and Assisted Reproduction



This invitation only workshop strikes me as such a good idea in both form and substance.  Imagine! Thinking and talking!  Making Sense of Abortion and Assisted Reproduction Workshop at Rutgers

I look forward to seeing what comes out of this series.  Such an important conversation to have – certainly one we need to keep having in Canada.

Here’s the schedule and below from the invitation as shown on the website.

Questions we imagine tackling include:

  • Whether a right to create a pregnancy through assisted reproduction is or should be as rooted in the constitution as a right to terminate a pregnancy?
  • What common ground and common cause can be found between those who advocate on behalf of people who use ART and women who want to terminate pregnancies?
  • What are the commonalities between different ways in which women might be stigmatized for using their reproductive capacity, such as working as surrogates, versus exercising a right not to use that capacity by terminating a pregnancy?
  • Is paternalism in the use of ART different from and/or more justified than paternalism in decision making about terminating pregnancies?


CBC radio Ideas to confront "The Gender Trap" tonight & tomorrow night

Ideas: CBC Radio.

Wednesday, April 25
For the past 20 years we’ve been hearing the claims from pop psychology to neuroscience: men and women, boys and girls, have different brains. The books are plentiful: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, The Female Brain, The Essential Difference. The idea that males and females are hard-wired to learn differently, making them better suited for specific professions, has taken hold.

Yet some neuroscientists and psychologists believe this leads to unhealthy gender stereotyping.

IDEAS producer Mary O’Connell explores the debate.

Thursday, April 26
In May, 2011, a Toronto family decided not to reveal the sex of their newborn baby. Only nine people in the world know whether baby Storm is a boy or a girl. The parents believe that gender, more than race and class, constricts individual identity. When the story of Storm became public, controversy ensued.

IDEAS producer Mary O’Connell takes up the story and the debate.