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Consolidated Cdn Law Faculty hiring notices




h/t Amar Khoday of U of M Law (@AmarKhoday)

Just after posting re UVics jobs, realised this way is better.  The fact that UVic got their own post with a bunny isn’t an endorsement….it’s just a belated realisation and nostalgia for the UVic bunnies, gone since 2011.


Jobs, in law faculties, in Canada

link to Osgoode’s job ad advertising two positions: Academic Employment Opportunities | Osgoode

The Canadian Council of Law Deans publish some (clearly not all!) Canadian job ads in the law schools (not in law and society/criminology/etc departments), here.   Are there roundup pages for the UK and other places?  let me know here or via twitter @osgoodeifls and i will post them here for future reference

[Feminist] Faculty Hiring 2012

Without a Brian-Leiter figure keeping careful tabs, it’s hard to be sure what’s going on in Canadian faculty hiring.
Here at Osgoode we’ve hired four , two into their first full time faculty appointments – I’m excited to introduce my new colleagues on the blog soon, at least those willing to come into this big feminist tent, but please put me in touch with your new feminist hires.  Some I already know (JL, RD, JE, for instance), but I don’t want to miss out.  If you are newly hired into a f/t appointment at a Cdn law school or “equivalent” (academic, deals with law, and expect to be interacting with/part of the “legal academy), you could just get in touch directly with me slawrence at osgoode dot yorku dot ca.  But my general rule is peer promotion rather than self-promotion, it’s just a very simple way to help out – so let me know about your new colleagues, please.

Jobs at University of Kent Law

Lots more information at the links.  Vibrant feminist community at this school makes this an intriguing and attractive opportunity.
H/T Doris Buss via Professor Rosemary Hunter, Acting Head of Kent Law School.  I will happily post other tenure stream job listings or opportunities for grad students,  particularly those with relevance to this blog, but you may have to be patient and/or remind me.  Email me at slawrence atsign osgoode dot yorku dot ca).  UNB is also hiring, see links here.

Two professorial posts


Kent Law School has been granted strategic funding to make two new professorial appointments in order to deepen and extend our existing vibrant research profile, ….develop our postgraduate (including postgraduate research) programmes.

The primary criterion for the posts is research excellence and we invite applications from suitably qualified applicants specialising in any area of law.


and one clinic solicitor/barrister position

The Kent Law Clinic has two objectives – to provide a legal service to local people who need such a service but cannot afford to pay for it, and to enhance the legal education of students in the Kent Law School through enabling them to work on live cases and projects. The focus, in educational terms, is on developing students’ knowledge and understanding of the law, and on the development of their critical faculties. The post will be based at the Canterbury campus, and there are also weekly evening advice sessions at 5 outreach locations (with volunteer lawyers). The role of the Clinic Solicitor/Barrister is to engage in the provision of free legal services to local people, who need such services, and to supervise students in doing so, and to assist students to reflect critically on the law and its operation in practice.