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Law's Slow Violence, revisited and onwards

If you couldn’t make it to our June workshop, here is the video of the opening session:

Osgoode Hall Law School hosts “Law’s Slow Violence Workshop” with Rob Nixon (Rachel Carson, Professor of English from the University of Wisconsin). Professors Dayna Scott responding.  Link to video.

The workshop is described here, and all the blog posts leading up to the meeting, from Dayna Scott, Angela Harris, Pearl Kan, Doug Hay and Estair Van Wagner, are available here. Professor Scott also suggests this article,  The Presumed Innocence of Capitalism and Lac-Mégantic, by Osgoode Hall Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar Harry Glasbeek:

…the only thing that is special about a Lac-Mégantic is the sudden manner in which a huge amount of harm is inflicted. The infliction of harms is a daily event; but it is experienced as atomized, isolated events, unworthy of news coverage. We hardly notice the steady dripping of blood, the innumerable illnesses, serious and minor, daily deaths and incremental deterioration of our physical environments. We are systematically desensitized to the catastrophic dimensions of the injuries that regulated profit-seekers inflict. This is an amazing triumph for harm-inflicting profiteers.