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links between students & faculty: Osgoode Feminist Collective's Feminist Faculty Ally Award

OFC Feminist Faculty Ally AwardPhoto of Professor Ronalda Murphy










What’s better than realising students actually appreciate what you’re doing in the classroom and out?   The Osgoode Feminist Collective (previously known as Women’s Caucus) has honoured Osgoode visiting Professor Ronalda Murphy with the Feminist Faculty Ally Award for 2013-14.  They caught up with Professor Murphy between classes, springing the award on her as a (well deserved) surprise.  Here are a few excerpts from the letter they prepared for her. 

It is our great pleasure to award you the Feminist Faculty Ally Award for the 2013-2014 academic year. Last year, the Osgoode Feminist Collective (OFC) initiated this award in order to credit professors who have worked towards increasing the feminist presence and advancing feminist interests on campus.

We believe that you are well-deserving of this award. Many of us have been in your courses and have witnessed you consistently raise issues of gender and race, recognizing the wider context within which the law operates. We are also grateful for the fact that, in evidence law, you frequently provide trigger warnings due to the disturbing nature of the material. Also, the extent to which you make considerable efforts to avoid heteronormative assumptions in your examples is very much appreciated.

 And of course, we loved seeing you perform at the Wendy Babcock Drag Show! While silly and fun, it was also a powerful statement. 

Congratulations to Ronalda – and to the OFC for taking the initiative to create this award.  And thanks to all of them as well for everything they do at Osgoode.