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Toronto Access, Equity and Human Rights Awards: Nomination deadline May 9

City of Toronto: Access, Equity and Human Rights Awards nomination forms and descriptions – click through the image.

Torontonians. Now is your chance to honour someone deserving by nominating them for one of these awards. To avoid total Toronto-centrism, let me suggest that inhabitants of other lovely places can look around for what’s offered by their city/province and think about who might deserve nomination.

These awards tick all the boxes. There’s one for race relations, one for disability access, one for Aboriginal affairs, one for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual and two spirited issues”. Ah, it would be great to find a person who deserved nomination for all of them at once – but for now, spread the wealth.


But I know, spread the wealth.

SCC Withler Ruling out: Section 15 Equality Claimants Lose

Link to judgment: http://scc.lexum.org/en/2011/2011scc12/2011scc12.html

Link to LEAF’s media release about their intervention.

My Osgoode colleague Bruce Ryder, who has actually worked his way through some of this, tells me some bad doctrine (“mirror comparators”) got chucked out by the SCC, so that’s a silver lining. Ideally a more considered analysis later.