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Legal aid cuts in England, student clinics and women’s justice

A conversation with colleagues the other night prompted me to go looking for some of the newspaper stories about legal aid cuts in England & Wales, impact on family law in particular and the use of students to help unrepresented litigants.
Hastily put together, but if you are interested, the links below might help.

W.G.Hart Legal Workshop 2014: Legal Ed & Training & the Professions

Wonderful looking workshop here, intended to follow on and provide distance from the huge Legal Ed & Training Review exercise in England & Wales (see here, for the reports of this “…. evidence-based review of education and training requirements across regulated and non-regulated legal services”)

The Institute for Advanced Legal Studies in London is running the workshop, IALS Research – W.G.Hart Legal Workshop, people like Jessica Guth and John Flood are tweeting about it under #legaleducation and you can also read Paul Maharg’s incredibly comprehensive live blog on his site – click here.

It really does look interesting.  And it illustrates both that the LETR seems to have produced a massive amount of research and research community around some of these questions about legal education – but also the ways in which this conversation is enriched by some – any? – research on the legal education.  What is actually happening on the ground? We really do need to know about the things we don’t know.