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Book Giveaway Winner! & Next Contest!

Thanks to those of you who entered.  The random number generator coughed up Nooreen Bhanji’s entry.  She’s a freshly minted (2011!) grad of Osgoode Hall now articling at Torys LLP who clearly likes non fiction -she says that the last book she read was “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis. Now she will be able to spend her non working hours (what?) reading something a little bit further in the past but just as relevant to the future.  Thanks to all to entered.

Moving right along, I seem to have a credit at UBC Press, and they have just released  Troubling Sex: Towards a Legal Theory of Sexual Integrity by Dal’s Elaine Craig. Sample chapter available here.

Blending feminist theory with queer theory, she advances an iconoclastic approach to law and sexuality that has the power to transform both theory and practice.

So, once again, if you’re interested, put your name in the comments OR on the IFLS FB page. I’ll try to take care of this one within the week.  Cannot guarantee holiday delivery, though, since this one isn’t actually in my office yet.