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New in Print: Constructing Crime (Mosher and Brockman, eds)

Constructing Crime is the last publication of the Law Commission of Canada, defunded in 2006.  The five papers come out of the What is a Crime series, and were commissioned in order to investigate how society reacts to unwanted behaviours and consider the consequences of choosing particular methods to control behaviours.   Most of the articles don’t use gender as an organizing idea, although it does feature in a few of them.

The authors in this book look at a variety of areas of social life, including gambling, fraud by health professionals, social assistance, regulation of public housing in Montreal, and the criminalization of a variety of Aboriginal harvesting practices.

It might be particularly interesting to provide parts of Mosher and Brockman’s opening essay to a first year criminal law class, before or while they are being buried in the language and rationale of criminal regulation.

Click here to order the book from UBC Press.