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An IFLS Screening Series? Rex v. Singh

January 14 2013 update: Film Screening January 23 2013.

Next year I am hoping to have a small screening series sponsored by IFLS.  I’ve invited Osgoode student groups to suggest films and coordinated events (panels, speakers, etc).  I’ll bring popcorn.  The thought has made me start looking around at films.  One I’m particularly intrigued by is the short Rex v. Singh (2008) dirs. Richard Fung, Ali Kazimi, John Greyson).  The latter two are York professors, while Fung teaches at OCAD.  The film was commissioned by the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.  Here‘s an article about it in Xtra:

For the team behind Rex vs Singh, the very fact that many of the questions surrounding the case remain unanswered made it all the more intriguing as a story. Unlike a Hollywood studio courtroom drama, for example, Rex vs Singh will offer no easy answers, but rather raise a series of questions….

….the question of how these men identified is all the more absorbing, given that the very concept of a gay male identity didn’t exist at the time.

“The legal notion of the ‘Homo Sexual’ —that’s how it was written in Canadian court records —as somebody who identified with their homosexuality wasn’t really articulated in Canada until the late ’20s and ’30s. So these trials were a few years before that,” Ingram explains.

Kazimi adds that these cases represent a fascinating intersection between homophobia, racism and state power.

(Kate Sutherland (@lawandlit) sent me the notice for a cool looking interdisciplinary seminar,  May 3rd at the Jackman Humanities Institute which includes Richard Fung on the program: click here for program, here for more info, here for poster).