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New in Print: Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective: Cases and Controversies (Cook, Erdman, Dickens, eds.)

15282It is increasingly implausible to speak of a purely domestic abortion law, as the legal debates around
the world draw on precedents and influences of different national and regional contexts. While the
United States and Western Europe may have been the vanguard of abortion law reform in the latter
half of the twentieth century, Central and South America are proving to be laboratories of thought and
innovation in the twenty-first century, as are particular countries in Africa and Asia.

That’s a quote that might be comforting or worrying, really.   It comes from the publisher’s material for this new collection edited by Rebecca Cook and Bernard Dickens (U of T Law, emerita and emeritus) and Joanna Erdman (Dalhousie Law).   Alert your institutional library about this – here is the publisher’s material, and here is the publisher’s website material.


The impressive list of contributors includes : Luis Roberto BarrosoPaola Bergallo, Lisa M. Kelly, Adriana Lamačková, Julieta Lemaitre, Alejandro Madrazo, Charles G. Ngwena, Rachel Rebouché,  Ruth Rubio-Marín, Sally Sheldon, Reva B. Siegel, Verónica Undurraga, and Melissa Upreti.

Joanna Erdman’s work has been featured by the IFLS before, and she’s coming through for the Gendering Civil Liberties workshop this month which of course includes some questions about reproductive rights.

This blog has also recently featured contemporary abortion struggles in New Brunswick (here and here) and Ireland (e.g. here).  This book will offer a much wider perspective, one which may be either chilling or invigorating, depending on your domestic context and concerns.

Drop me a note if you are reviewing it, please,  at slawrence at Osgoode dot yorku dot ca.