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New Canadian/Feminist/Legal blog via U of O: Blogging for Equality

Particularly exciting since U of O Law has such a deep bench of interesting and dynamic feminist legal thinkers – and that’s just the Faculty that I know! I look forward to following this one.

Blogging for Equality

Welcome to Blogging for Equality. We are a group of women staff, community members, and law professors and from the University of Ottawa  and beyond seeking to utilize blogging technologies to share our views on a number of current issues of interest to the legal community and beyond. We will post Op-Eds, articles we are working on, and just plain blog posts. We will also publish upcoming feminist events at the Faculty and beyond. Please feel free to browse around. Enjoy.

New Canadian Legal History Blog

Osgoode graduate student and IFLS member Mary Stokes, along with Professor Jim Phillips of U of Toronto have started a new blog – Canadian Legal History.

On behalf of the Osgoode Society, welcome to the new Canadian Legal History Blog. We are currently running it on blogspot but we hope to move it to the Osgoode Society’s new website when that site gets going this summer. We hope the blog will prove a useful place for the wonderful community of legal historians we have in Canada. It won’t be the place to go to discuss the meaning of the second amendment of the US constitution, or medieval pleading and practice, but we want it to be where we discuss aspects of the unique and exciting legal history of our country. Please send us your news and views!

Mary is a frequent contributor of links to this blog so I look forward to cross posting.