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Good News: Accomplishments

Thanks to Manitoba’s Deb Parkes, a reminder that we should share and celebrate the achievements of women in the academy. Here are three pieces of good news Deb noted. Brighten up the greyish days of January with these.

1. Prof. Angelique EagleWoman has been named Dean of Law, Lakehead University.  She is an accomplished professor from the University of Idaho and a citizen of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation.

I’m adding this link to an article of Dean EagleWoman’s on SSRN called Balancing between Two Worlds: A Dakota Woman’s Reflections on Being a Law Professor (you will find the abstract at the link – the paper was written for a follow up conference after the publication of Presumed Incompetent: The Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia, discussed long ago on this blog)

2. Sherene Razack (OISE) appointed Distinguished Professor at the University of Toronto.

The idea of interlocking systems of oppression (how patriarchy, colonialism and white supremacy come into operation through each other) is one of her most important contributions to theory and practice.

3. Karen Busby (U of M) received the Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Saunderson Award, the University of Manitoba’s highest honour for teaching.

Prof. Karen Busby challenges her students to do more, be more,
dream more. She not only ignites within them a passion for learning law but inspires them to find their own voice. Prof. Busby develops citizen lawyers who defend human rights and democratic values. She is growing the next generation of advocates for social change—individuals who will fight back against oppression.

Day* old tweets (* may be slightly optimistic)

somewhat messy looking birdONE thing about Rob Ford

[because this quote is TOO fantastic] ♥ APerry re Ford: “The first rule of white club is you do not speak abt whiteness. This is perhaps esp true in Canada” http://bit.ly/1dbFqSG 

The challenge of pictures….

[this week the LSUC released the news that Ryerson won the contract to deliver the LPP.  The OBA, involved somehow with the Ryerson efforts, announced the arrival of the somewhat controversial program with a picture that…surprised me]

what is your reaction to this,  ontario  lawyer  WOC ? photo from OBA webpage re  LPP . 2nd tier? pic.twitter.com/fEoTJ1BVaQ

cover page of OBA website - four women, at least three visible minorities, in a law library type space.  Headline underneath: Alternatives to articling.


Join in/Nominate/Submit

Big Berkshire Conference on the  History of  Women in  Toronto May 2014 Early Bird $$ till Jan.15 h/t MJMossman

Social Policy Assoc ‏@SocialPolicyUK CFP  Feminist Review on ‘The Politics of Austerity’: http://bit.ly/167wsmy 

LSA “2nd Half Century Junior Scholars [short] Essay Competition” http://bit.ly/Ip23sk  see the question and details on LSA website.

know a worthy candidate? “Laura Legge Award recognizes Ont  women  lawyers who exemplify  leadership ” http://bit.ly/HSt2w8   Nominate

At the Law Schools


RT @KatieBrack: Excellent “What I learned at law school: The poor need not apply”  Osgoode  Tuition http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/facts-and-arguments/what-i-learned-at-law-school-the-poor-need-not-apply/article15443887/ dashboard/follows/ … @

1/2  Accessibility of lawschool ($$ & otherwise) = defining issue, bc of the impact it has on other critical issues. Who’s in the building?

2/2 what gets understood, demanded, built on? who will be  lawyers  lawprofs  judges in our future? What is this  profession abt?  service


Thanks Osgoode  Feminist Collective for making/taking space in the  lawschool. Presence matters. pic.twitter.com/FdlAl6XkQN

photo of posters describing "why i am a feminist" up at the law school


Events you Missed

(you wish you were there): Emma Cunliffe (UBC) at York

(you may be relieved to have missed this) I become Highly Irritated at the Munk Debate:“the end of men”

@ munk debate on the end of men w/ @blberger (not obsolete – he got the tix). Already quite annoyed. http://www.munkdebates.com/ 

Maybe this poster explains my annoyance? Strangely, @Blberger does not seem to find my asides as funny as i do. pic.twitter.com/CYaBiidjZq

[during the debate]

So many refs to animal procreation: feels like popculture sociobiologists convention.  MunkDebate @blberger still doesnt think i’m funny

Rosin wants to help men, as their era of dominance ends. Paglia (con) is concerned abt feminist denigration of men & end of female glamour.

I just….cannot. Audience giggling. @blberger say not usual  Munkdebate form. So, this aint an intersectional space.

Given this  munkdebate is clearly just an intellectual jello wrestle, seems churlish to point to lack of intersectional analysis excpt class

Here @munkdebate class analysis=way to hide, not reveal, plutocrat driven rising inequality. Oh wait! Here we go It isnt gender but class.

1 i like Caitlin Moran best = proof of problem 2 Toronto room, primed on Ford, v sympathetic to poor working class men.

Now Naomi Wolf is here via tape talking about …oh, anyway. Now: but patriarchy is alive & well in (name country white ppl dont live)

Rosin is, to be fair, taking that on. It was Rudyard Griffith (moderator) who made the claim

Rosin talking abt swedish mat leave of a year. Does she know what country this is? @blberger says “we” always =US at  munkdebates

Now is the part where we reassure the men that this is all about how we love then.  bechdelfail

[post debate conclusion]

16 Nov @kootenaydreams debate not worth taking too seriously in the end, which i suppose was the point. Women – not to be taken seriously.







Law prof Jennifer Koshan wins 2013 CALT Prize for Academic Excellence

Here’s a bit of Monday good news

Law prof Jennifer Koshan wins 2013 CALT Prize for Academic Excellence | News & Events | University of Calgary.

As with any career, there are always important lessons to learn along the way, and Koshan’s best mistake happened when she first began teaching. “I used to keep my opinions very close to my chest,” she said. “But after two or three years of teaching, a group of students encouraged me to be more vocal about my own views, and that’s what I’ve done since. It was a mistake to bury my enthusiasm for social justice, and I think being more explicit about that gives students a basis for thinking about and voicing their own perspectives.”

Massive congrats to Jennifer on her varied and impressive career achievements thus far – and a long future ahead.   If you aren’t familiar with her work, check the university of Calgary’s ABlawg, here on SSRN and here at the Women’s Court of Canada website.

Jennifer is a really tough act to follow, but do think about a mid career person at your institution who deserves some peer recognition.   Here’s the CALT website page with this year’s call for applications – it lists the terms of reference.  And if your school isn’t on it yet, remind your Dean’s office about this award.

h/t Kim Brooks


Student Advocacy/Community Contribution Awards: (due April 20)

Two awards, detailed below.  One requires application, the other nomination.  Apply, encourage someone else, or tell your school about a woman who deserves nomination.


2012 Aird & Berlis LLP/WLAO Advocacy Award
In 2007, Aird & Berlis LLP and WLAO established an annual award to be granted to a female law student for her
efforts in an advocacy project advancing equality rights. This award will provide the recipient with resources and
guidance in launching her proposed project and includes a monetary award of $1000.00.

The recipient of the award will demonstrate the following characteristics:
• female registered, in good standing, at an Ontario faculty of law and studying for an LL.B, J.D. or LL.M.;
• enduring dedication, inspiring leadership and passionate advocacy for equality rights (such as, but not limited
to gender, sexual orientation, disability, refugee, aboriginal, minority and HIV/AIDS victim’s rights).
The following is a non-exhaustive list of the types of projects an applicant should have or have had an active
involvement in to be eligible for this award:
• volunteer work at a clinic, non-profit organization, government office or within the law school community;
• academic endeavors such as journals, articles, papers, theses, research or projects; and
• community outreach programs.

Applicants must submit the application form a project proposal and a letter of merit.  More information, details and contacts on the form.

Applications must be received by April 20, 2012


2012 McCarthy Tétrault/WLAO Community Contribution Award (Nomination)
Since 2005 McCarthy Tétrault LLP and WLAO annually select one student to receive an award for Contribution to
Community. If there is a female student registered with your Law School who deserves this award, we invite
you to submit a nomination. (This probably means that if you know someone you think deserves this award, you should bring her to the attention of a member of your school’s senior staff or administration – SL)

Nomination form available here.
The recipient of the award will demonstrate the following qualifications and characteristics:
* female registered in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year, and in good standing at an Ontario facultyof law, and studying for an L L.B or LL.M.;
* a record of significant contribution to the advancement of women studying law; and,
* a well-rounded student actively involved in, and committed to, her community.
The successful candidate will receive her award at a special dinner and have the opportunity to meet many
influential and successful women lawyers, legal educators, and judges. The recipient will also be invited to visit
the firm of McCarthy Tétrault LLP to speak with practicing lawyers in a business environment. The financial
aspect of the award is $1000.00.

Nomination forms must be received before April 20, 2012


H/T Ronda Bessner

nominate your, uh, "favourite" decision on gender (in)justice

Gender Justice Uncovered Awards 2012 from Women’s Link Worldwide on Vimeo.

In every country, regardless of its political system, culture or religion, what judges and courts say has a tremendous influence on people’s day-to-day lives. With your participation we continue to uncover the most sexist and discriminatory court decisions or statements and highlight those that advance gender equality

A distinguished jury will award gavels (uhoh) and bludgeons. Use this link to nominate (nominations are open till late April 2012), and vote for cases here.  Seriously, I think that Canada could win a few this year, don’t you think?  And by win, I mean….