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Feminist Pedagogies; Gender and the "Arab Spring"

Have you read this book: The Reorder of Things: The University and Its Pedagogies of Minority Difference.  Roderick A Ferguson, U Minnesota Press (here)?


I came across this notice via twitter:

On Friday, April 5th, Roderick Ferguson, Professor of American Studies at the University of Minnesota, will speak for the [Columbia] Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality’s Feminist Pedagogy series.  He will be discussing his book The Reorder of Things (click here for the original notice)

First thought – Must get book

Second thought:  Feminist Pedgogy series? Must get one of those!


This week at Yorku, April 5th and 6th, organized by the Centre for Feminist Research, a conference entitled: Women’s Quests for Rights in the Middle East and North Africa: Contestations, Complexities, Contradiction. Draft conference program here.  The CFR, under director Dr. Ena  Dua (who teaches feminist theory, antiracist feminist theory, post-colonial studies, development studies, and globalization, and is a co-editor of Scratching the Surface: Canadian Anti-Racist Feminist Thought) has a FB page here.

H/T to my colleague Hengameh Saberi for the conference link!