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Need something to read? Twitter Roundup Part II


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@MacleansMag 19 Sep Canada rejects UN rights panel call for review of violence on aboriginal women http://ow.ly/p0U9S   #cdnpoli


UK Judge Rules Defendant Must Remove Niqab to Testify | Dressing Constitutionally for @robsonconlaw analysis & precis http://bit.ly/19ey8cY


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Not so Academic 

@rgay 13 Sep Today at The Rumpus, Lizzy Acker writes about abortion in one of the most compelling ways I’ve seen; http://therumpus.net/2013/09/love-love-love/  

RT @Longreads: “Portrait of a Ten-year-old #Girl.”  http://flip.it/fWP7O   cc: #statisticsbroughttolife

@balkissoon 19 Sep By me, in the Globe: stop bossing pregnant women around. Right now. http://m.theglobeandmail.com/commentary/a-few-drinks-while-pregnant-isnt-bad-but-the-new-maternal-puritanism-is/article14406909/?service=mobile  

Life and Law

#Lawstudents don’t disqualify yourselves! why not read: The #Habits Of Supremely #Happy People http://flip.it/1jgyr

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Violence against Aboriginal Women – Is anyone listening? via Ablawg.ca

In this piece, UCalgary Law’s Jennifer Koshan comments on The House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women, Study on Violence Against Aboriginal Women (Standing Order 108(2)):

These issues were certainly not being raised for the first time…..Muriel Stanley Venne pointed to the National Aboriginal Women’s Summit of 2007, and the fact that no action had been taken on the recommendations made there. The Liberal, NDP and Bloc members all had questions relating to the impact on Aboriginal people of the government’s law and order agenda and crime bills, and the resulting decision to build new prisons at a large cost to the public. Some members (e.g. Crowder and Demers) were critical of the ongoing federal policies of colonization and assimilation, with Demers asking in despair at one point, “Qui sommes nous?” (”who are we”, referring to the settler society and all we have wrought). Demers also asked a question about whether the mandatory long form census should be reinstated as one way of gathering information about the circumstances of Aboriginal women. Witnesses agreed with this point, yet also noted that action rather than information gathering was required.

As a companion piece, consider

UN Special Rapporteur Investigates Epidemic of Violence Against American Indian Women in the United States: http://t.co/8D3qxa5less than a minute ago via Tweet Button