I put this out through the IFLS twitter, but I think it’s worth a post too. Queen’s Law is part of a new blog Women in Sport International and has created a Legal Research Team to go along with the blog project.  Prof Kathy Lahey, some prominent former Olympic Athletes, and a team of students are the forces behind it.

I saw some members of this team (Erin Durant and Laura Robinson) put on a dynamic presentation about the history of women’s struggles with the IOC last October at Queen’s (related IFLS posts here one about a movie and the other about Olympic Ski Jumping).  And I have been looking for someone to sort out the badminton skirts issue for me – i’ve been wondering about the different reactions of prominent international players – what is the relevance of the different national contexts in which they play/relate to fans/live? how does the international nature of the organization make the issue more complicated?   The move has been pitched as a way of “glamourizing” the sport (sounds familiar)- but there’s also the suggestion that some of the shorts worn are actually more revealing of the body than skirts would be.  So is this about dressing like a girl to look somehow less threatening, or just about looking sexier?  Are these the same thing?  Many, many vexing questions (let me be clear – the RULE i think is ridiculous. I’m just not sure how to analyse the reaction to the rule). For this reason and more, I look forward to more from this blog!

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  1. Interesting post. I am reminded of the continuing controversy regarding beach volleyball, another Olympic sport, and the fact that the typical women’s uniform is a bikini. Apparently the rules allow women players to wear something more than a bikini, but all too often a bikini is the uniform of choice. Is this for reasons of comfort and movement, as some assert, or is it for other reasons? Besides, I’m none too sure that the options permitted under the rules amount to allowing women players to wear quite as much as men players do.

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