Sharia in America (?): NYLS Symposium this week

The New York Law School is hosting a Symposium on Sharia in America: Principles and Prospects (link is to a pdf flyer). It doesn’t seem that they’ll have the Ontario experience in mind (link to the Boyd report for a refresher here, and a newspaper article/video on Sharia’a in the UK here), though the speakers will touch on the anti-Sharia legislation being passed/considered in a number of states.  Speakers include Kristen A. Stilt of Northwestern and Asifa Quraishi of Wisconsin.  The latter’s bio indicates that she’s working on a project entitled: Lost in Non-Translation:  What’s Missing When We Say Shari’a and Why It Matters for Feminism, Human Rights and Constitutionalism at the moment.   You can find her Spring 2011Columbia J. Gender and Law article entitled “What If Sharia Weren’t the Enemy? Rethinking International Women’s Rights Advocacy on Islamic Law” on SSRN, here.



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