Sexual and Reproductive Rights Symposium (on tape and in print)

Harvard Journal of Law & Gender vol 34(2) Summer 2011

This volume includes several articles coming out of the Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Barriers to Access, and Roadmaps to Fulfillment 2911 Journal Symposium (proceedings on audio here).

The articles are listed below -including Joanna Erdman’s piece on a harm reduction/human rights approach to access to information on safe abortions.


Normalizing Sex and its Discontents: Establishing Sexual Rights in International Law
Mindy Jane Roseman & Alice M. Miller
Give Justice Ginsburg What She Wants: Using Sex Equality Arguments to Demand Examination of the Legitimacy of State Interests in Abortion Regulation
Priscilla J. Smith
Access to Information on Safe Abortion: A Harm Reduction and Human Rights Approach
Joanna N. Erdman
Beyond Religious Refusals: The Case for Protecting Health Care Workers’ Provision of Abortion Care
Steph Sterling & Jessica L. Waters
Capacity and Autonomy: A Thought Experiment on Minors’ Access to Assisted Reproductive Technology
Michele Goodwin & Naomi Duke
The Constitution and Female-Initiated Divorce in Pakistan: Western Liberalism in Islamic Garb
Karin Carmit Yefet
Student Article
Abnormal Persons or Embedded Individuals?: Tracing the Development of Informed Consent Regulations for Abortion
Evelyn Atkinson

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