Documenting the Race and Gender Pay Gap in the Ontario Legal Profession

This Law Society of Upper Canada report is based on the 2006 Census, including the 6400 lawyers who filled out the Long Form Census. Click here for the full report..  Ornstein (based at York University’s Institute for Social Research) documents the gender gap in earnings and the “much larger” difference between the earnings of racialized lawyers and White lawyers.  And apparently the gender gap in earnings isn’t decreasing anymore. There’s much more in the report.   I, of course, flipped straight to the pages which talked about the intersection between race and gender (p28), but there’s something for everyone in here, and so the findings can be spun many different ways (pay gap remains vs. increasingly diverse profession).   While you’re at the LSUC’s website, have a look at this:  Early and Exceptional Female Lawyers of Diverse Communities by Year of Call to Bar.  It’s part of a larger LSUC project to document the diversification of the profession.