Privacy, Drones, Feminism

So much on all these topics lately (Sidewalk Labs Toronto, anyone?). Here’s Windsor’s Kristen Thomasen’s latest:

šŸĀ Thomasen, Kristen, Beyond Airspace Safety: A Feminist Perspective on Drone Privacy Regulation (April 1, 2017). Presented at We Robot 2017 (Yale Law School, New Haven CT, March 31-April 1). Publication details forthcoming.Ā  Available at SSRN:ĀĀ orĀ

Ā In particular, various features of the technology allow it to take advantage of the ways in which privacy protection has traditionally been - and in many cases continues to be - gendered. The paper ultimately argues that drone regulators cannot continue to treat the technology as though it is value-neutral - impacting all individuals in the same manner. Going forward, the social context in which drone technology is emerging must inform both drone-specific regulations, and how we approach privacy generally. This paper is framed as a starting point for a further discussion about how this can be done within the Canadian context and elsewhere.

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