This Friday: Camille Gear Rich: “Is it a Man’s World? A Feminist Reimagining the Right to Free Speech in the Aftermath of the Charlottesville Race Riots”

IFLS is delighted to welcome Professor Camille Gear Rich from USC this week to present her latest work: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 16 1230 in 4034 (Osgoode Hall Law School, IKB).  Please join us – we’re serving lunch! RSVP here.   ALL WELCOME.

Camille Gear Rich’s research and teaching interests include constitutional law, feminist legal theory, family law, children and the law and the First Amendment. She is the founder and director of PRISM: The USC Initiative for the Study of Race, Gender, Sexuality and the Law. She is also the founding director of Gould’s First Generation Legal Professionals program. Rich is widely known for her research on law, discrimination and identity formation issues related to race, class, gender and sexuality.

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Follow this with our co sponsored 7PM screening at the REGENT THEATRE (MtPleasant between Davisville/Eglinton) of NETIZENS, a documentary also taking on questions of feminism and free speech, see here.

This Friday: An IFLS co sponsored Toronto Screening of NETIZENS with panel discussion to follow

We’re having a bit of a Feminists & Free Speech Friday this week, with Camille Gear Rich “Is it a Man’s World? A Feminist Reimagining the Right to Free Speech in the Aftermath of the Charlottesville Race Riots” at lunch and then Friday night, this screening & post film discussion.

"NETIZENS exposes the proliferation of cyber harassment faced by women, spreading from the web to the most intimate corners of their lives. As the internet becomes the next frontier of civil rights, this feature documentary follows three women who are targets of harassment, along with advocates, legal experts and others, as they confront digital abuse and strive for equality and justice online." [Netizens]

Friday November 16 at 7:00PM
Regent Theatre, 551 Mt Pleasant Road Tickets $15 |

Post Film Panel Discussion with
Lawyer Angela Chaisson (whom you may remember as last year’s IFLS grad fellow)
Actor & Activist Kamee Abrahamian
local community leader Ani Hotoyan-Joly
chaired by producer Silva Basmajian


Zombie Cinderella [actually, jotwell post Hallowe’en treats]

Every once in a while i send out these notes about what’s on Jotwell (their tag line: Things we like – Lots; from their mission “We are not afraid to be laudatory, nor do we give points for scoring them. Rather, we challenge ourselves and our colleagues to share their wisdom and be generous with their praise. We will be positive without apology.”). The whole mission statement is here –  consider reading it. It makes a lot of sense, on info glut/scholarship glut, scholarly communities, and on celebrating and sharing work we like.

Here are some treats over there at the moment (first link is to the Jotwell “jot” of <1000 words but Second link, where there is one, is to whole article):

From Wendy Anne Bach, HOPE: Amna Akbar, Toward a Radical Imagination of Law, 93 NYU L. Rev. __ (forthcoming, 2018), available at SSRN.

From Carole Silver:  DIVERSITY, GOLF, AND THE RULES OF THE (LEGAL CAREER) GAMBryant Garth and Joyce S. SterlingDiversity, Hierarchy, and Fit in Legal Careers: Insights from Fifteen Years of Qualitative Interviews, 31 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 123 (2018).

One of them is from me, but it’s not about me so that’s ok:   PLANNING FOR A POST NEOLIBERAL FUTURE Silvana Tapia Tapia, Feminism and Penal Expansion: The Role of Rights Based Criminal Law in Post-Neoliberal Ecuador, Feminist Legal Studies (2018).

And last but not least, Jessica Silbey: THE COSTS OF TRADEMARKING DOLLS Rebecca Curtin, Zombie Cinderella and the Undead Public Domain, 86 Tenn. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2018), available at SSRN.


Join the Institute for Feminist Legal Studies {& invite your friends] as three feminist legal scholars critically think through the ways in which feminists and others are rallying under the banner of #metoo


THURSDAY NOV 22 2018 1230 -2PM | ***ROOM CHANGE**** ROOM 4034 Room 1014 (Helliwell Centre – beside the JCR, Across from Alumni)

Lunch served. IMPORTANT TO RSVP (space, food)


Heidi Matthews, recent contributions in this area:

  • Why the Kavanaugh hearings were a show trial gone bad at The Conversation +
  • How do we understand sexual pleasure in this age of ‘consent’? in Aeon


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IFLS “in conversation with Catherine Hernandez, Author of Scarborough” Wed Jan 23 2018

WED JAN 23 2019

Lunch served. Please RSVP

1230 -2PM | ROOM TBA


Building Community, Accessing Justice:A conversation with the author of Scarborough

Click here for PDF poster for printing

Catherine Hernandez is the award winning author of Scarborough
(Arsenal Pulp Press). Scarborough won the 2015 Jim Wong-Chu
Award, was shortlisted for the Toronto Book Award, the Evergreen
Forest of Reading Award, Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction, the Trillium Book Award; and longlisted for Canada Reads 2018. It made the “Best of 2017” list for the Globe and Mail, National Post, Quill and Quire, and CBC Books.