TGIFeministF: The IFLS Feminist Friday speaker series

The IFLS Feminist Friday speakers series began in 2003-2004.

Feminist Fridays bring together students and faculty from a range of departments to hear presentations on the work of our colleagues.

Prof Lolita Buckner-Inniss from Cleveland Marshall College of Law, student Claudia Schmeing and Osgoode Professor Margaret Beare attend a Feminist Friday in 2006

We usually include commentary from another faculty member, and we always have time for audience discussion and snacks afterwards.

Over the years, this series has hosted an impressive number of speakers.  Here are some highlights from the past decade.

For our current events list, click here.

Friday October 17, 2008

Feminist Friday Special Event: Graduate Student Showcase

Chair: Professor Dayna Scott (Osgoode)


Kaushalya Bannerji (PhD candidate, Osgoode): “Rethinking MacKinnon: Race, Feminisms, and the State”
Grace Park (PhD candidate, Osgoode): “Poor Women and Access to Justice”
Shannon Stewart (PhD candidate, Osgoode): “Reflections on Queer Theory”

Mary Stokes (PhD candidate, Osgoode): “Exploring the Scope of Feminist Analysis: An Example from the History of Municipal Law”

Commentator: Professor Margaret Thornton (Australian National University)
Barbara Betcherman Distinguished Visitor 2008

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The “Beautiful” Game?

Well, if your team got knocked out in South Africa, you can always hold on till next year’s women’s world cup is played in Germany.

Although I wonder what FIFA’s up to sometimes.

The official slogan is “The Beautiful Side of 20Eleven” (referencing the 11 player team in soccer, of course).

Everyone should be involved in 2011, when the best women’s [sic] players in the world celebrate the world’s favourite pastime in a typically feminine manner: Elegant, dynamic, technically adept, agile and informal… in short, beautiful.”


Now that is some clever semantic work! And you can easily find the obligatory article on Eye-Catching Girls Enhance Allure – on the official FIFA website.


(a) just supervised an LLM in which Osgoode student Katharine Neufeld (along with being an excellent writer and harpist, Katharine is now working as the Legal Information Coordinator at METRAC) explored women’s hockey and the “feminine apologetic”, and

(b) just read Margot (UBC) Young’s piece on the Olympic Ski Jumpers,

maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.  But I was on FIFA’s side about the vuvuzelas, so I feel a bit betrayed.

(I should be clear that FIFA’s got some good stuff up about women’s sport as well. But i did think it was all a bit undercut by other material)

see: Margot Young “The IOC Made Me Do it: Women’s Ski Jumping, VANOC, and the 2010 Winter Olympics” (2010) 18 Const. Forum Const. 95-107 available

Is Yorku Safe?

This long awaited report (the process was started in 2007) has finally been released and is available here in pdf.

In President Shoukri’s covering letter (click here), he writes:

….one of the most prominent themes from the METRAC safety audit is the need to develop a more pronounced culture of safety and security for all community members. …The report also highlights opportunities for the enhancement to our services, programs, policies, and infrastructure. For those reasons, I have appointed Gary Brewer, Vice-President Finance and Administration, to lead a pan-University committee to review the report and develop a comprehensive action plan which will be developed over the summer. In early September, I will provide an update to the York Community….