New Year’s Resolution: Shut Up and Write

The IFLS will be continuing to hold monthly Shut Up and Write sessions in the new year, and we hope you will join us! Our first session will take place on Wednesday, January 6 @ 4:30-6:30 in Rm 3067.   What better way to kick start the semester?

Inspiring comments from anonymous 2015 participants (roughly paraphrased):

“This is the perfect chance to fix up that paper I should really publish, but would otherwise continue to avoid revisiting at all costs.”

“I actually got some real work done, instead of just answering emails!”

 “Good cookies.”

As a reminder of what this is all about:

Shut Up and Write! began as a writers’ meet-up group in San Francisco. The idea is to fight off the two great student foes—isolation and procrastination—by meeting up to focus on writing together. PhD student Terrine Friday got this started at Osgoode last year and we want to keep it alive! So get out of your carrel/library/head and come work through those writing blocks in a supportive environment!

Each Shut up and Write! session includes:

  • 10 minutes for introductions and chat
  • 2-3 rounds of writing Pomodoros (each Pomodoro includes 25 minutes of intensive writing plus a 5 minute break)
  • Time to discuss your work and get feedback from fellow students

Hope to see you there!

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