New in Print: 'Gender, Sexualities and Law'; 'Women and the Law Stories'

Gender, Sexualities and Law

Jackie Jones, Anna Grear, Rachel Anne Fenton and Kim Stevenson, eds. 2011, Routledge.

Bringing together an international range of academics, Gender, Sexualities and Law provides a comprehensive interrogation of the range of issues – both topical and controversial – raised by the gendered character of law and legal discourse.

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Contents: Part One: Theory, Law and Sex 1. Women and the Cast of Legal Persons, Ngaire Naffine 2. De/Sexing the Woman Lawyer, Rosemary Hunter 3. ‘Sexing the Matrix’: Embodiment, Disembodiment and the Law: Towards the Re-Gendering of Legal Personality?, Anna Grear 4. Vulnerability, Equality and the Human Condition, Martha A. Fineman Part Two: Representations, Law and Sex 5. The ‘Gendered Company’ Revisited, Alice Belcher 6. The Public Sex of the Judiciary: The Appearance of the Irrelevant and the Invisible, Leslie J. Moran 7. Sexuality, Gender and Social Cognition: Lesbian and Gay Identity in Judicial Decision-Making, Todd Brower 8. The Gendered Dock: Reflections on the Impact of Gender Stereotyping in the Criminal Justice System, Judith Rowbotham Part Three: Violence, Law and Sex 9. ‘She Never Screamed out and Complained’: Recognising Gender in Legal and Media Representations of Rape, Kim Stevenson 10. Gendering Rape: Social Attitudes towards Male and Female Rape, Phil N.S. Rumney and Natalia Hanley 11. When Hate is not Enough: Tackling Homophobic Violence, Iain McDonald 12. The Legal Construction of Domestic Violence: ‘Unmasking’ a Private Problem, Mandy Burton Part Four: International Violence, Law and Sex 13. Criminalization or Protection? Tensions in the Construction of Prevention Strategies concerning Trafficking for the Purposes of Sexual Exploitation, Anna Carline 14. A Woman’s Honour and a Nation’s Shame: ‘Honour Killings’ in Pakistan, Shilan Shah-Davis 15. Supranational Criminal Prosecution of Sexual Violence, Anne-Marie de Brouwer Part Five: Reproduction, Law and Sex 16. The Strange Case of the Invisible Woman in Abortion Law Reform, Kate Gleeson 17. Third-Wave Feminism, Motherhood and the Future of Feminist Legal Theory, Bridget J. Crawford 18. ‘Shall I be Mother?’ Reproductive Autonomy, Feminism and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008, Rachel Anne Fenton, D. Jane V. Rees and Sue Heenan 19. Motherhood and Autonomy in a Shared Parenting Climate, Susan B. Boyd Part Six: Relationships, Law and Sex 20. A very British Compromise? Civil Partnerships, Liberalism by Stealth and the Fallacies of Neo-Liberalism, Jeffrey Weeks 21. Attitudes to Same-Sex Marriage in South African Muslim Communities: an Exploratory Study, Elsje Bonthuys and Natasha Erlank 22. Taking ‘Sex’ out of Marriage in the EU, Jackie Jones 23. From Russia (and Elsewhere) with Love: Mail Order Brides, Jennifer Marchbank

Women and the Law Stories

Schneider and Wildman

I like the “…Stories” series, despite the clunkiness of the title on this one.   The best contributions in these collections give “well known” cases the richness of context that they need and deserve (but see the poignant title for Chapter 13: “A Tribal Court Domestic Violence Case: The Story of an Unknown Victim, an Unreported Decision, and an All Too Common Injustice”  Stacy L. Leeds”).   This book looks good, and the authors list is tempting. The law is exclusively US…..that’s a challenge to some of us, I think.

I’ve read Serena Mayeri’s piece, When the Trouble Started (chapter 2, below) and it is deeply interesting.  I think I will order this one (click through for ordering).  The pieces also offer an interesting model for student papers, should you be so inclined….



Telling Stories to Courts: Women Claim Their Legal Rights

By Elizabeth M. Schneider and Stephanie M. Wildman


Chapter 1:  Hidden Histories, Racialized Gender, and the Legacy of Reconstruction: The Story of United States v. Cruikshank

By Rebecca Hall and Angela Harris


Chapter 2:“When the Trouble Started”: The Story of Frontiero v. Richardson

By Serena Mayeri

Chapter 3: Single-Sex Public Schools: The Story of Vorchheimer v. School District of Philadelphia

By Martha Minow

Chapter 4:Unconstitutionally Male?: The Story of United States v. Virginia

By Katharine T. Bartlett


Chapter 5: Infertile by Force and Federal Complicity: The Story of Relf v. Weinberger

By Lisa C. Ikemoto

Chapter 6:  “Nearly Allied to Her Right to Be” — Medicaid Funding for Abortion: The Story of Harris v. McRae

By Rhonda Copelon and Sylvia A. Law


Chapter 7:  Pregnant and Working: The Story of California Federal Savings & Loan Ass’n. v. Guerra

By Stephanie M. Wildman

Chapter 8:  “What Not to Wear” —Race and Unwelcomeness in Sexual Harassment Law: The Story of Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson

By Tanya K. Hernández

Chapter 9: Of Glass Ceilings, Sex Stereotypes, and Mixed Motives: The Story of Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins

By Martha Chamallas


Chapter 10: Six Cases in Search of a Decision: The Story of In re Marriage Cases

By Patricia A. Cain and Jean C. Love

Chapter 11: State-Enabled Violence: The Story of Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales

By Zanita E. Fenton


Chapter 12:  The Entry of Women into Wall Street Law Firms: The Story of Blank v. Sullivan & Cromwell

By Cynthia Grant Bowman

Chapter 13:  A Tribal Court Domestic Violence Case: The Story of an Unknown Victim, an Unreported Decision, and an All Too Common Injustice

By Stacy L. Leeds

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