Need something to read? Scholarly works from 2011

From the Fem-Prof distribution list, Summer Reading List 2011.  Some of these books aren’t actually out yet, but you can preorder them. If you’re like me, ordering books, and not just reading them, is something best and most systematically done in the summer…

Sorry no links in this list, but there is definitely enough info for you to get them, or cut/paste into an email to your friendly law librarian! Yes, Yemisi, this means you.

Abbey, Ruth (August 2011). The Return of Feminist Liberalism. McGill-Queen’s University Press

Adams, Mary Louise (February 2011). Artistic Impressions: Figure Skating, Masculinity, and the Limits of Sport. U of Toronto Press.

Anderson, Kim (September 2011). Life Stages and Native Women: Memory, Teachings, and Story Medicine. U of Manitoba Press.

Anderson, Cameron D. and Laura B. Stephenson (January 2011). Parity Democracy. UBC Press.

Balcom, Karen A (May 2011). The Traffic in Babies: Cross-Border Adoption and Baby-Selling Between the United States and Canada, 1930-1972. U of Toronto Press.

Baruah, Bipasha (November 2010). Women and Property in Urban India. UBC Press.

Benoit, Cecilia and Helga Hallgrimsdottir (eds) (February 2011). Valuing Care Work: Comparative Perspectives. U of Toronto Press.

Bradbury, Bettina (May 2011) Wife to Widow: Lives, Laws, and Politics in Nineteenth Century Montreal. UBC Press.

Brooks, Kim, Asa Gunnarson, Lisa Philipps and Maria Wersig (eds) (May 2011). Challenging Gender Inequality in Tax Policy Making. Hart Publishing.

Brown, Susan, Jeanne Perrault, Jo-Ann Wallace and Heather Zwicker (eds) (May 2011). Not Drowning but Waving: Women, Feminism, and the Liberal Arts. U of Alberta Press.

Bundle, Melanie (January 2011). The Business of Women: Marriage, Family, and Entrepreneurship in British Columbia, 2901-51. UBC Press.

Cook, Rebecca J and Simone Cusack (2009). Gender Stereotyping Transnational Legal Perspectives. U Penn Press.

Cunliffe, Emma (May 2011). Murder, Medicine and Motherhood. Hart Publishing.

De Hernandez, Jennifer Browdy, Pauline Dongola, Omotayo Jolaosho and Anne Sarafin (eds) (January 2011). African Women Writing Resistance: An Anthology of Contemporary Voices. Pambazuka Press.

DeKeseredy, Walter S (April 2011). Violence Against Women: Myths, Facts, Controversies. U of Toronto Press.

Delivosky, Katerina (July 2010). White Femininity: Race, Gender and Power. Fernwood Publishing.

Ditmore, Melissa Hope, Antonia Levy and Alys Williams (eds) (April 2010).Sex Work Matters: Power and Intimacy in the Global Sex Industry. Zed Books.

Doyle, Aaron and Dawn Moore (eds) (December 2010). Critical Criminology in Canada: New Voices, New Directions. UBC Press.

Dufour, Pascale, Dominique Masson & Dominique Caouette (eds) (January 2011). Solidarities Beyond Borders: Transnationalizing Women’s Movements.  UBC Press.

Dyhouse, Carol (February 2011). Glamour: Women, History, Feminism. Zed Books.

Feminist Alternatives (January 2011). My Dream is to be Bold: Our Work to End Patriarchy. Pambazuka Press.

Flat, James and Norman Smith (eds) (May 2011). Keeping the Nation’s House: Domestic Management and the Making of Modern China. UBC Press.

Flynn, Karen (May 2011). Moving Beyond Borders: A History of Black Canadian and Caribbean Women in the Diaspora. U of Toronto Press.

Jochelson, Richard and Kristen Kramar (May 2011). Sex and the Supreme Court: Obscenity and Indecency Law in Canada. Fernwood Publishing.

Jones, Jackie et al. eds (2011). Gender, Sexualities and Law. New York: Routledge Glasshouse.

Kelly, Fiona (May 2011). Transforming Law’s Family: The Legal Recognition of Planned Lesbian Motherhood. UBC Press.

Kemmerer, Lisa and Carol Adams (2011). Sister Species: Women, Animals and Social Justice. University of Illinois Press.

Kern, Leslie (January 2011). Sex and the Revitalized City: Gender, Condominium Development, and Urban Citizenship. UBC Press.

Kouvo, Sari and Zoe Pearson (eds) (April 2011). Feminist Perspectives on Contemporary International Law. Hart Publishing.

Kreisel, Deanna K (November 2011). Economic Woman: Demand, Gender, and Narrative Closure in Eliot and Hardy. U of Toronto Press.

Manji, Firoze, Faiza Mohamed and Roselynn Musa (eds) (2006). Breathing Life into the African Union Protocol on Women’s Rights in Africa. Pambazuka Press.

Marinucci, Mimi (November 2010). Feminism is Queer: The Intimate Connection between Queer and Feminist Theory. Zed Books.

McCologan, Aileen (October 2011). Equality and Discrimination. Hart Publishing.

McMullin, Julie Ann (ed) (January 2011). Age, Gender, and Work: Small Information Technology Firms in the New Economy. UBC Press.

Mortimer-Sandilands, Catriona and Bruce Erikson (2010). Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Mosher, Janet and Joan Brockman (eds) (January 2011). Constructing Crime: Contemporary Processes of Criminalization. UBC Press.

Moynagh, Maureen and Nancy Forestell (eds) (May 2011). Documenting First Wave Feminisms, Volume 1: Transnational Collaborations and Crosscurrents. U of Toronto Press.

Murphy, Cian C. and Penny Green (eds) (March 2011). Law and Outsiders: Norms, Processes and ‘Othering’ in the 21st Century. Hart Publishing.

Noel, Jan (December 2011). Along a River: The First French-Canadian Women. U of Toronto Press.

Oikawa, Mona (April 2011). Cartographies of Violence: Japanese Canadian Women, Memory, and the Subjects of the Internment. U of Toronto Press.

Redfern, Catherine and Kristin Aune (June 2010). Reclaiming the F Word: The New Feminist Movement. Zed Books.

Shotwell, Alexis (March 2011). Knowing Otherwise: Race, Gender, and Implicit Understanding. Penn State Press

Schultz, Ulrike and Gisela Shaw (eds) (November 2011). Gender and Judging. Hart Publishing. (NOT OUT YET)

Tamale, Sylvia (ed) (June 2011). African Sexualities: A Reader. Pambazuka Press.

Zylan, Yvonne (2011). States of Passion: Law, Identity, and the Social Construction of Desire. Oxford University Press.


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