Join Us

The IFLS welcomes new people and new ideas.  Although only Osgoode Faculty and Grad students can be members, everyone is welcome at our events, and we are happy to host Canadian and international scholars through our Visitors program.

If you are an Osgoode Faculty or graduate student and you want to become a member of the IFLS,please email the Administrator of the IFLS, Lielle Gonsalves at

As a Member, you have the opportunity to attend the Annual Meeting of Members in Spring 2010 and to participate in decision-making about the Institute.  In addition, you are encouraged to attend Feminist Friday seminars and the receptions following these seminars, special events organized by the Institute during the academic year, and to be part of this “community of interest” at Osgoode.

We hope all our members will contribute (and subscribe) to the IFLS blog, a way of sharing ideas with our community.

The IFLS has adopted an inclusive governance arrangement, involving Annual Members and Annual Grad Student Members, rather than a more traditional Board of Directors, in keeping with the mandate of the IFLS to create a community of interest among teachers and scholars with an interest in feminism and law.  You can be a member even when you are “on sabbatical” or “on leave”.