Infanticide decision in L.B from OntCA

The decision in LB came down today, clarifying some issues around infanticide.  LEAF intervened in this case, and certainly the decision is the one they wanted.

Judges and juries weighing murder charges against a mother accused of killing her infant will still be allowed to apply the lesser charge of infanticide, Ontario’s top court has ruled.(from CBC link below)

Here’s the CBC on the outcome Here’s the Court decision. Here’s a bit from the informative  LEAF media release:

“In the past few years, we have seen what appears to be an emerging trend of the Crown charging women who have killed their newly-born children with murder instead of infanticide.  The result is that these women face life imprisonment,” says LEAF Legal Director Joanna Birenbaum.  “This is a significant concern to LEAF since the offence of infanticide, which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment, is intended to account for the complex and gendered social, economic, psychological and medical context in which the offence occurs.”

And here are the earlier posts on this topic.  Sorry this one got on the blog a bit late today.

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