IFLS Book Club: Still on, slightly delayed. New Start Date: June 8

Here’s the news in reading:
First, we’ll start the book club a bit later than announced.   It will be in June opening for comments June 8. Here’s the original post for the club which has the book (Mrs. Dred Scott by Lea VanderVelde) and some info about where you might order it. All the megaonline bookopolises have been notably slow in getting it out – which is one reason for postponing a bit (maybe try asking your uni bookstore to get it for you, rush?).

Second, call the CBC, my eldest can read. I have to say that this, for me, has felt more life changing than her birth (me: “get out already!”), her first steps (cute, wobbly), maybe even first words or first “maman”.  These things were great but they came on incrementally for me in a way.  Reading seemed to burst out last night, words and phrases, books, stories…

I’ve been waiting (patiently! i’ve waited patiently!) since she was three (whispers to partner after kids asleep “what’s going on? she’s three. she can’t read yet?”). She’s 5. She can read words and simple phrases in english and french. I’ve been telling her since she was 3 that when she can read she will be able to explore anything she wants, and watching her determination and discovery is pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe ever. Maybe since I learned how to read.

I was going to try to spin this into some kind of commentary on feminism and critical literacy, but I think i’ll leave it at that so I can revel in the moment a bit more.

Third, stay tuned for our second book club which will be in July/August and will involve crime fiction!  My colleague Kate Sutherland (she blogs at law.arts.culture and tweets at @lawandlit) and I have long been plotting ways to get our love of this genre into our feminism and our work – this is a first foray.

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