Good ideas: Workshop – Making Sense of Abortion and Assisted Reproduction



This invitation only workshop strikes me as such a good idea in both form and substance.  Imagine! Thinking and talking!  Making Sense of Abortion and Assisted Reproduction Workshop at Rutgers

I look forward to seeing what comes out of this series.  Such an important conversation to have – certainly one we need to keep having in Canada.

Here’s the schedule and below from the invitation as shown on the website.

Questions we imagine tackling include:

  • Whether a right to create a pregnancy through assisted reproduction is or should be as rooted in the constitution as a right to terminate a pregnancy?
  • What common ground and common cause can be found between those who advocate on behalf of people who use ART and women who want to terminate pregnancies?
  • What are the commonalities between different ways in which women might be stigmatized for using their reproductive capacity, such as working as surrogates, versus exercising a right not to use that capacity by terminating a pregnancy?
  • Is paternalism in the use of ART different from and/or more justified than paternalism in decision making about terminating pregnancies?


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