Fiona de Londras (Durham) & Rachel Rebouché (Temple) on Transnational Stories in National Abortion Laws

It is increasingly implausible to speak of a purely domestic abortion law, as the legal debates around the world draw on precedents and influences of different national and regional contexts. ”

Looking forward to this talk today (Friday January 9th 2015) on transnational law in abortion jurisprudence with Fiona de Londras (Durham) and Rachel Rebouché (Temple).

Links to some of Fiona de Londras’ papers and posts on abortion:

  • Mairead Enright & Fiona de Londras, “‘Empty Without and Empty Within’: the Unworkability of the Eighth Amendment after Savita Halappanavar & Miss Y” (2014) 20 Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland 85.  Pre pub draft available here.
  • Many of these posts at
  • with Laura Graham. Impossible Floodgates and Unworkable Analogies in the Irish Abortion Debate (2013) 3 (3) Irish Journal of Legal Studies. 

    Some of Rachel Rebouché’s  papers on abortion:

  • Fegan, Eileen V & Rachel Rebouche. “Northern Ireland’s Abortion Law: The Morality of Silence and the Censure of Agency” (2003) 11:3 Feminist Legal Studies 221.
  • “The Limits of Reproductive Rights in Improving Women’s Health” (2011) UF Law Faculty Publications, online: <<<>> >
  • “Comparative Pragmatism” (2012) UF Law Faculty Publications, online: <>.
  • with Karen Rothenberg. “Mixed Messages: The Intersection of Prenatal Genetic Testing and Abortion” (2012) UF Law Faculty Publications, online: <<<>>
  • Challenges for contemporary reproductive rights advocacy: the South African example in Baines, Beverley, Daphne Barak-Erez & Tsvi Kahana, eds. Feminist Constitutionalism: Global Perspectives, 1 edition ed (Cambridge ; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012
  •  A Functionalist Approach to Comparative Abortion Law in Cook, Rebecca J. Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective:Cases and Controversies (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014).
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