Fighting for Justice: Trans Heroes in Canadian Case Law

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TRU Prof Sam Singer and TRU student Stephanie Weidmann’s short piece highlighting some Canadian caselaw in Art/iculation, an interdisciplinary print and digital magazine, is available here. Prof Singer is an OBA Foundation Chief Justice of Ontario Fellow in Legal Ethics and Professionalism Research (2019-2020) for The Ethics of Trans Competent Lawyering and Judging, see here. Sam is very keen on tax and tax policy, see here.

Interested in the report mentioned at FN1 in Fighting for Justice? For more information about the Canadian Human Rights Commission report, “Trans Rights, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression in Canada”, please contact the author, Samuel Singer.

Finally! Sam also has a piece in LGBTQ2+ LAW: PRACTICE ISSUES AND ANALYSIS edited by Joanna Radbord. IFLS is a co sponsor of the launch for the book, which is coming up: Monday November 25 630-830 at Glad Day Books

Chapter 1: The Gay Agenda: A Short History of Queer Rights in Canada (1969-2018)
Chapter 2: LGBTQ2+ Cultural Competency
Chapter 3: Human Rights
Chapter 4: LGBTQ2+ Equality Claims Under the Charter
Chapter 5: Trans Competent Lawyering
Chapter 6: Family Law
Chapter 7: Polyamorous and Non-Dyadic Relationships
Chapter 8: Conflict of Laws
Chapter 9: Estate Planning Issues
Chapter 10: LGBTQ2+ Immigration Issues
Chapter 11: Children and Youth Legal Issues
Chapter 12: Criminal Law and Public Health

Find an excerpt here on SLAW.

here on SLAW.

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