Dr. Constance Backhouse (U of O Law) wins SSHRCC Gold Medal for Achievement in Research

SSHRC Press Release – Winner of SSHRC Gold Medal for Achievement in Research honoured

Congratulations to Constance Backhouse on this prestigious honour, another to add to a rather astonishing list. What academic wouldn’t wish that this could be said about her?

“Professor Backhouse is an inspiration to the next generation of scholars,” remarked SSHRC’s president Gaffield. “The importance of her research, and the energy and dedication with which she carries it out, encourage and inspire young scholars in disciplines that extend beyond law. This is what the Gold Medal seeks to reward—an enduring energy and contribution to not only a body of research, but to everyone around her and to the broader Canadian society.”

She maintains a lovely website here, listing her many publications, including a very early book on the sexual harassment of working women, The Secret Oppression (with Leah Cohen) , Colour-Coded (a legal history of racism in Canada) and Carnal Crimes (a case study approach to sexual assault law in Canada from the turn of the century to the 1970’s).

You might also get a vision of her multitasking and determination if she ever corners you to remind you to renew your membership with the Feminist History Project (they take paypal, cleverly, so I just did renew, nudge).

Be inspired.  Congratulations to Dr. Backhouse. Thanks to Kim Brooks via Adelle Blackett for the news!


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