Diana Majury appointed Carleton U Faculty of Public Affairs Associate Dean of Research

This news is a bit late (Jun 10, 2010) but still relevant.

If any of you reading this don’t know Dr. Diana Majury of Carleton U (Ottawa), you really should.

A person so genuine that you can’t help but respond in kind,  Diana is also a connecter of people par excellance (see her organizing work with the  Women’s Court of Canada, for example).

One of many feminist legal scholars who work outside of a law school (she’s at Carleton, which has department of law), she’s well known for her equality work.  You might not know that she also does work on women’s health. As a researcher , her significant breadth of interests is matched by the depth of her commitment, the excellence of her writing, and her total lack of egotism. Click through to read more good stuff about Diana.  I can’t wait to see what she gets up to in this new role!

Diana Majury appointed Associate Dean of Research | Faculty of Public Affairs.

Thanks to my osgoode colleague Kate Sutherland for the link!