Columbia LS starts Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies under Prof Kimberlé Crenshaw

The announcement is here:  Columbia Law School : Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies Established.  Note that they will have Fellows…..


The Center’s mission includes facilitating intellectual dialogue between innovative intersectionality scholars, developing cross-disciplinary research networks, and integrating intersectional research and analysis into policy debates and social justice advocacy. With a core objective of growing the research field as well as practical applications, the Center will host researchers, policy-makers, and advocates seeking to develop projects and interventions pertaining to intersectionality. The Center welcomes fellows from the United States and abroad.

Timely! Or overdue (not Columbia’s fault – all of us).  Either way, delighted – this is great news. I have been having conversations for years now about  the gap between the rich theory of intersectionality and its usually pallid (! no pun intended) and formulaic appearance in litigation.  Some of this does seem to be about the need to develop the empirical illustrations of the process(es).  I look forward to hearing about the work coming out of this Center.

If you find yourself in New York right now, HURRY.  You can catch Catherine A. MacKinnon, sponsored by the Center and the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law, speaking tonight, 630, on Intersectionalities: Theorizing Multiple Discrimination, Identity and Power “Intersectionality as Method.  More info here.

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