Chris Cavanagh: The Urgency for a Praxis of Radical Environmental Storytelling Reflections on Reading and Discussing Rob Nixon's Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor

Chris Cavanagh, who attended our Law’s Slow Violence workshop last week, has a beautiful post up at his website about the book, the day & his thoughts.  Click over for really thoughtful engagement with the ideas in the book and from the workshop.

i now looked at this gathering of lawyers, legal scholars, environmental scholars and others as an example of the very diversity of actors that we needed forged into a collective subject. And i realized that it was wise not to assume a consensual understanding of slow violence  even amongst this group of sympathetic scholars but rather to remember we were in a dynamic (Arendtian?) dialogue in which we were persuading each other of the world we fancied we shared. And, to reiterate, what stories did we need to tell in order to do this well?

Chris’s online bio at the Catalyst Centre reads:

Chris Cavanagh is a popular educator, storyteller & graphic artist who has worked in popular arts production, coalition building, anti-racism, international solidarity & democratic organizational change. A member of the Toronto-based Doris Marshall Institute for Education & Action for eight years, chris also served on the steering committee of the Naming the Moment Project workshops for three years. chris has been teaching an annual graduate class in popular education at the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University since 2001 (he co-taught it with Matthew Adams for three years). He writes a blog about storytelling and popular education: Comeuppance.

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