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IFLS Book Club Reminder: End of the Wasp Season

Read; Comment; Participate (if you’re in Toronto). Actually, if you’re in Toronto, you can definitely read it.  What else are you going to do for the next couple of evenings (we are getting temperatures into the 40 degree C range “with the humidex”…stay tuned for more complaining about Toronto weather in January 2012)?  Just sit with your feet in an ice cold kiddie pool and read the book.

Let me know (email or comments on the blog) if you’re reading it and will have the time to jot down a short reflection (anywhere up to about 750 words), please!

I’ll start putting up comments around July 27th.

Happy summer, everyone!

IFLS Book Club 2.0 (July '11): Denise Mina's "The End of the Wasp Season"

As we wrap up with a few more posts on Mrs. Dred Scott, perhaps you’d like to get your hands on the book for July – fiction this time: Denise Mina’s End of the Wasp Season

This one is widely available, online and in stores. My apologies for the first round travails in terms of getting the book.  A degree less scholarly (no footnotes!). Denise Mina is a great writer.  I’ve read all her other books and I thought they were fantastic.  I love mystery fiction, and perhaps those of you who don’t might worry if you’ll like it, but she is a writer who transcends genre. In fact, this book is the second in a series, but I believe it will work as a standalone.  Still not sure? Read the first chapter here. The first in this series is called Still Midnight, and it’s a great read too – but not “just out” so we (Kate Sutherland of @lawandlit) picked this one instead.

Meetup in Toronto on July 26th, 2011 330 to ?.  On my porch if numbers warrant, otherwise, we will find a suitable …establishment.  Perhaps we’ll also have a book swap – bring one or two of your books that deserve readers. Fiction or non.  Feminist content, themes, writers, appreciated. I think you’ll find a taker for yours and you can go home with your August long weekend book.

If you want to come for drinks and snacks, and maybe even book talk, can you let me know OR indicate in the comments? Location TBA, just in case there are too many for my cozy porch.