Announcing….IFLS Book Club! Starting June 8: "Mrs. Dred Scott" by Lea VanderVelde

Because we love to read, and why not read together?  How it works:


I picked this book for the first go round – trying to satisfy everyone was very hard, but i hope that some people will read it even if it wasn’t top of the list for them – the opportunity to read and discuss is the point, and I think this book has lots of angles – something for everyone.


Starting June 8, a core group of book club members from Osgoode and other law schools will start a blog conversation about the book – what did we think of it, where did it work well, what questions did it raise, where would we want to go with the ideas it brought out – these posts will respond to each other. I’ve got people lined up to post thoughts about the book, but i would be so happy if others contacted me and wanted to join in.  Email me slawrence at Osgoode dot and we can discuss a date for your post.


You can use the comments section to join the conversation if you don’t want to do your own post.  The book club will run for three weeks – and we’ll have new posts up every 3 to 5 days.   In Toronto I’ll host a meet up for the readers and of course if there are groups of readers elsewhere they are encouraged to do so as well.

And then, if we liked it, we’ll do it again. Round 2 will most likely be a fiction book.

Order the book here:


Google Books Page (which bizarrely mispells the title but has links to ordering from and Chapters)

Availability in UK from “” (looks like this might have the fastest options)

From OUP UK (2 weeks)

Amazon UK (they indicate they are out of stock of the paperback, but you can get the hardback within 7-13 days – Waterstones says 7 weeks, so i haven’t included a link)

Readers in other parts of the world likely have better knowledge of fast ordering options, but I do suggest trying the used book sellers or the small bookstore aggregator sites like abe and exlibris.

Happy reading!

0 thoughts on “Announcing….IFLS Book Club! Starting June 8: "Mrs. Dred Scott" by Lea VanderVelde”

    1. Great! Well, i think that we’ll start commenting around June 8th, but many of us have found that amazon etc are shockingly slow in getting the book out to us. If you’re interested in joining the discussion, maybe try your local public library or get your order in now. Sorry about that – something that I will take pains to avoid for next time!

    1. Dear Barb,
      it would be super if you can join in. OUP US has it for $24.95 (
      but the Toronto doesn’t have it except as a reference book, so sorry. We will do another book club in July – ficton – probably “mystery” – and I will make certain about the easy availability of the book ahead of time.
      So nice to find out you’re interested! – Sonia

  1. Hi everyone,
    MRS DRED SCOTT is also available as an ebook. I downloaded mine while travelling from Amazon’s Kindle store. It can be downloaded to your Kindle if you have one (I don’t), or iPad (that is what I used). I checked for Indigo/Chapter’s Kobo store and they do not have the book (although their search engine is not good, so I may have missed it).

    1. thanks so much for this Craig – very helpful. I hava kobo which I don’t recommend (lovely e ink, but page turning is much too slow and involves blinking…sad, but it’s not working out for me). This book i got in hardcover, online, used.

  2. Would love to read the book – a bit late now, so hopefully I’ll get ready for the fiction next….too bad the local libraries here (Vancouver) don’t have the book yet….

    1. So frustrating – very sorry – and promise that you can walk in to some Toronto bookstores, cannot vouch for all of them, and grab the july book (announced later this week).

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