Bandwagon Report: FB edition

Yes, so, the IFLS now has a Facebook page, where you can see links/excerpts from all our (new) posts and even comment on them. If it’s working properly, it should cross populate comments.  There’s a part of the page where you can see our twitter feed too, if you’re not otherwise a twitter person.

Click here to find us on FB

I put a few of the recent posts on there but for the historical (!) things you will have to visit the website.

The primary source for IFLS information is still the website, which is more than just the blog – but we hope this might make it easier to keep up and introduce the IFLS to new people.  And you can get our new posts through email (see right sidebar) or through RSS or, through Twitter @OsgoodeIFLS.

Thank you to UBC Law Feminist Legal Studies for the inspiration – find them on FB here:!



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