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Call for Expression of Interest in a New Feminist Judgments Project on International Criminal Court (ICC)

Expressions of Interest due June 4, 2021 Professor Louise Chappell (UNSW, Sydney), Dr Rosemary Grey (University of Sydney) and Dr Kcasey McLoughlin (University of Newcastle, Australia) are inviting expressions of interest for contributions to the first book on the International Criminal Court (ICC) using a feminist judgments methodology, tentatively titled: Feminist Judgments: Re-imagining the International Criminal Court. […]

Call for Applications for 2021-2022 IFLS Fellowship

Please share with anyone who might be interested in applying CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Osgoode's IFLS is accepting fellowship applications for the 2021-22 academic year. This fellowship supports the work of young and mid-career scholars from around the world by providing an intellectual community, physical space (to the extent our workplace will be physical during the […]

A Century of Iranian Women's Battle for Singing in Public: Pahlavi Era

by Hedie Mirimoghadam Poster designed by Azarmidokht Elahi The Pahlavi era started with Reza Shah, who introduced policies that altered the lives of Persian women radically. He built an authoritarian state and promoted secular and modernizing policies. Reza Shah established the first public co-educational primary schools for women in 1936. This initiative was one of […]

Thinking about Fraser v. Canada (Attorney General), 2020 SCC 28

by Sonia Lawrence Many thanks to Hengameh for inviting these posts!  Unlike Mary Jane’s rich, focused and scholarly contributions, mine will be let us say, light (“lite”?) and the four of them will hopscotch around from Supreme Court cases, to teaching from home, to whatever comes up, to what happens after that.  They might have […]